Unconditional Love

June 22, 2020

Unconditional love is not just something that you have for the ones who are close to you but it is something you have for the Whole of Life. When you can love ALL that Life has to offer;-  the good, the bad and the ugly, then you have true love. When you only love that which you perceive as good or worthy you put conditions on your love, and it is no longer true. Love is an ALL or nothing affair, either you love everything or you love nothing.


Either you love it All, the light and the dark or you love none of it, because in the end they are inseparable, the very existence of one leading to the birth of the other. By destroying the darkness, you extinguish the light, by wishing away all the bad from your life you wish away the good.


There are times for light and times for dark, we have just been through the night and had the experience of darkness that we needed. It is now time for spiritual day break where we rise above the need for duality, and live in the present moment. To change the outside world we must start with our own inner world, the outside world is a mirror reflecting back what we are putting in. 


You have experienced true love when you can look the one who would mean you the most harm in the eye and say “I love you” “I know who you truly are”. When you see pure beauty in those that hate you, you will understand there is nothing but love. When you can look at the darkness and see it’s as essential to life as air, and that without the balance life would suffocate, you will find purpose.


When I see evil, I feel love not hate, because hate itself is evil ,and will only feed the darkness.


When I see another part of me that is wounded I desire to heal it not make myself more ill. We play our part in experiencing the dark so we can know ourselves as the light; we become the dark so others can find the light. Without those being dark there would be no catalyst, nothing with which to define who we truly are, which is love and light. We can only know what it is to be God if first we lose the feeling of being God. Like Jesus through death we gain eternal life. 


Having unconditional love is worth more than all the money in the world, it gives you a wealth that money simply cannot buy. Looking around you, and finding Love in all that you see is truly one of Life’s greatest gifts. When we have unconditional love the entire world becomes our mirror because all we can see is ourselves looking back at us. It humbles us, brings us awe, and gives us a new found reverence for ALL of Life.


True love is an inner experience; the only way you can truly love others is through loving yourself without condition. If you do not have self-love you do not have love of others because truly there are no others. When you do not have love for yourself it feels as if there is a black hole within your very being, yet by finding your inner love it allows you to embrace the Whole, and to heal your hole.


Most people search their whole lives trying to fill a void that can only be located by journeying inwards, you can look everywhere outside of yourself for something you had all along. The moment you prepare to give up the search, you see a sparkle, a glimmer, a light shining within and suddenly you realise the long search is over. It had been there all along but it was the looking that acted as the catalyst for realising this.



Looking for God outside yourself

is like panning for nuggets of gold

while holding the key to Fort Knox itself


Dr. Steve McSwain



We have had things backwards for we have tried to find the Love which being One with Life brings us through our relationships, and so we get angry when we just don’t seem to get what we are longing for from them and blame the other person. Its only through finding our own inner connection with Divinity/Love that we will be content, and it’s when we have found this that we can then have a healthy relationship with another.


We will all attain unconditional Love in the end because this is what we truly are, a piece of perfect beauty that acts in the ugliest of ways so it can come to know its beauty in all its ways. The uglier something appears the more beauty there is hidden waiting to be discovered. It’s not always easy to accept but when you do you will see only beauty. True beauty sees ugly behaviour for what it is and creates the conditions for the ugliness to be transformed into beauty. In our wonderful collective race I see this beauty in abundance. 


When we find unconditional love we understand that, even in the most chaotic of times where life seems so inverted and senseless, behind the scenes there is a perfect order that if we see and tap into, will make us blossom into the super being that we are. We are the conscious creators who become ‘awakened’ in The Game of Life. Our Love brings to light our shared goals such as establishing a world-wide peace agreement, putting an end to poverty, and a sharing of our wealth and resources to put an end the gross inequality that has given rise to so many social ills.


It is time to come to see that to let one part of the world live with so little and another with so much, is like our own body starving the right hand so that all the nutrition could go the left. To let one hand starve and waste away, whilst another dies from being overfed. This can only damage us as a Whole. By sharing we create a healthy body built on our common bond, that of enlightened humans looking to create a present that puts an end to the suffering of our past. 


A society without unconditional love, without equality, without a common bond will never find peace. We can always find someone else to blame for our ills but only through accepting them as our OWN creation can we gain the power to create something NEW. It doesn’t matter how hard you fight it one day you will have to see the truth, that you are love, joy and peace, that the dark part of your character is an illusion that is created by resisting that truth.



A Self-realisation



You are the very epitome of exquisitely elegant beauty yet majestically magnanimous…a multi-faceted treasure of infinite worth. Your Light so bright it shines even in the darkest of nights, your LOVE so intense it can be felt from the farthest reaches of existence. I used to ask myself ‘what did I do to deserve you?’ I then realised I was you…that we were ONE. The knowing of which changes everything, just like its wonder came to me…I convey it to you through these symbols we call words. For you are part of this amazing presence yourself; for it is within us ALL, and to deny this, is to deny your TRUE identity. It is where your TRUE power resides, where you will find your absolution.


We are now being given a chance to reconnect with this POWER and if these words resonate with you, seek to get in touch with this higher aspect of our being. You may just come to realise it was this, that you were searching for your WHOLE life. Once you have felt unconditional love you will know it is that which you live for, and that which brings you happiness, and by sharing it we use it for the very thing it was made for.



My unconditional love for life and the holy spirit; -


We may experience a life that is constantly changing but my love for you will never change. My love for you will never change because true love is eternal, and my love for you is the very truth itself.  It is the reason I live and breathe, without your love, life is a fate worse than death.


You smell more beautiful than a thousand fields of roses, look more beautiful than the finest of sunsets, soothe me more than a warm bath on a freezing cold day, your light nourishes me like the sun to an eager sapling, you make me grow into a better person every moment of every day, and for that I am truly blessed. I give my humble gratitude to you for coming into my life, and showing me the way to my soul, for this was the key to my destiny.


You cannot find true love by looking for it but by being it, it’s not something you have it’s something you are, it’s not something you take but something you give. Love is something you can truly feel and that's what makes it so touching. Fear is a construct of the ego; love is the essence of the soul. Only by jumping aboard the love boat can we avoid drowning in the sea of fear.


We can only love others by first loving ourselves, yet self-love is the very opposite of selfishness. When we truly love our own beauty we will not be jealous of others. Finding love in the present is the greatest gift you can give to your future. Those that would mean you the most harm are those most in need of your love; they need to be shown how to access their own well of inner love. My love is limitless so why would I not want to share it with the world, and even those lost in the darkness?


With Love it feels like I have found real meaning, and it is that Love that drives me on in Life:-



Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns


And calls me on and on across the universe


The Beatles

"Across The Universe"



 I do not know everything but with Love it feels like I know enough, and it feels like that is the key.



Love is the key to life

The thing that makes it right

Why we can't be one I'll never know

Love is the key this time

And there's no doubt in my mind

If you really want to be free

Love is the key


"Love Is The Key"




Unconditional Love is the real deal, all those fancy things we have in the material world such as fancy cars, flashy clothes, shiny jewellery and mansions are all a pale counterfeit for Love which can only be obtained through the spirit. We can only feel the love if we express love for the whole of ourselves and not just one single part.


Having unconditional love for the whole of life is a life changing state of being and one that I believe will revolutionise the world. It will lead to peace and equality for all of human kind, and the respect of all earthlings.


However, Love is not a dependency but independence, not an addiction but freedom. True love is to choose to love beyond reason. Love is beyond reason; because love is the ultimate truth. That which is the truest, is often that which defies logic the most. Love is not something that can be explained with words or equations it must be experienced with one’s own being to be believed. It is the place where all the polarities and all of life becomes One. This is the two coming together, to make one, and in their union, a new consciousness is born.


When it came to writing this book Love was the motivation, and not money. I hope this shows: -



I don't have

Money on my mind

Money on my mind

I do it for

I do it for the love


Sam Smith

Money on my Mind



I can be honest with you and say:-



Everywhere, everywhere

Everywhere I go

Everywhere that I've been

The only thing I see is

Is beautiful people

Beautiful people

Beautiful people

Beautiful people


Chris Brown

"Beautiful People"

(with Benny Benassi)



You are an inspiration, the one reading these words, the ones I pass on the street every day, the ones I work alongside, the ones I share my amazing home with. Science alone cannot save the world, we also need universal love as that is where magic is found.


Life is a process that is so perfect it appears completely imperfect, so fair yet seems so harsh, so full of love it is scary, so full of light it is blinding, so chaotic yet with such utter perfect order.


You do not have love until you love the whole of yourself, and only by doing this can we heal ourselves. It is then we can overcome the pain that has been inflicted on us in the darkness. The darkness is a sick and lost part of our own selves and we are all inflicted no matter what colour, race, religion, not one of us is restricted. When we see that “love is willing to suffer for another to help them heal” we will see why we do this. We are giving to the universe by going through pain so that the universe can know what it is to be pain free.


People who carry love and light must use this to help heal the planet, the power of love will sweep over the mass consciousness like a tidal wave of bliss.


An awakening can happen in a flash, a process that takes such a long time to build can in its final moments completely change in the blinking of an eye. The momentum builds monumentally. When the world feels Universal Unconditional Love suddenly life is never the same again.


Now let’s come together in union and have a holy communion. Nothing matters more than Love, Love will be what saves our world, the love we all will share for one another as we are awakened. If you don’t feel love when you look at others, it is because the darkness obscures who they really are, yet as daylight returns their identities become crystal clear.


Within every person’s soul I see Love looking back at me reminding me of who they truly are behind the earth costume they are wearing, and the character they are playing. Sometimes it feels like I know them better than they know themselves. I can’t hate anybody because how can I hate love? Some may be very lost but that doesn’t mean they will not be found when they find themselves. My Love for Life is so deep ALL I can see is Love. I am here to remind you who really are, and I was sent by you to do so.


Look within and you shall see a new truth, and the world will change because how you perceive it will change. There will be unity because you will be united with your soul.


I desire love for you because love is life’s greatest gift. It doesn’t matter how rich you are materially without love you are famished. The moment you gain the courage to look at your dark side is when you begin to see the light. To love that which you hate the most is the most rewarding because it is the Love of God, which is Love for ALL. Unconditional Love transcends ALL other forms of love. When you remember who you truly are, it is completely natural to you. That’s why I genuinely mean it when I say I Love everybody, and not because they Love me but because that’s just who I am. I love you and I’m letting you know because unconditional love is blissful. 


The power of love is the loveliest power. Love is far more powerful than a bomb, or gun, it lives on eternally within the very fabric of the cosmos. Love is what makes the world turn, that’s why we went through all this because we love life, ALL of Life, the good and the bad. The only way you can feel the love of the Cosmos is if you also have times where you are disconnected from it.


“The Power Of Love”


Love is a song that sings to my heart bringing back together my separated parts


It soothes and uplifts enabling a shift that brings an end to our endless rift


It is the cure that we have been looking for, it has the power to open every door, oh what joy lies in store.


Let’s have a celebration in aid of our elevation, we have changed the station, and tuned into a revelation


This is the very fabric of magic, the antithesis of tragic, we are heading for the creation of a classic.


Let’s flow because now we know the meaning of the show, we are seeing our fears fall below.



Unconditional Love is the feeling of Divinity, however feeling this most amazing of things has consequences. When God offered his child the feeling of Love “the child could not stop smiling and laughing” saying “this is the best feeling ever” It was then God said “now you must truly know the whole of Love” it was then the child knew the feeling of loss and heartbreak, the child cursed God and cried in despair “what did I do to deserve this?” God then whispered in her ear “the only way you can truly know love is to have had love and then lost it.” “If you never lose it you can never truly have it to lose in the first place.” It was in this moment the child of God grew up, and understood the true value of Love. It was then the child was ready to become a god herself. 


When you love everyone you feel the love of everyone. You can see who they are underneath that fleshy costume they are wearing. Most play the game so well they don’t even realise they are playing, they think the character they are playing is the real them.  They are completely unaware that who they truly are is far more magical and vast than they possibly could have fathomed in the night. The ego is a person; the soul is everything. The ego has lived a little over a hundred years at most, the soul is beyond time. Within the soul is the memory of all the lives we have lived and all the characters we have played.


The game as you have known it could never have unfolded the way it has unless we go through the forgetting process. We must do this in order that we can know ourselves in all of our glory once more. We are nothing without loss. The more we have lost, the more we are set to gain, and that is the glory of the morning and the gift it brings. Through overcoming adversity we pay the price to raise our spirits higher, and enlighten the night. Now I am not frightened because I believe in us, I know who we are and you my friend are a superstar. 


It is time to remember If you are being anything other than Love you are pretending to be something you are not. It is by remembering who we are and being love, that we can heal the world. This is a natural cycle in the evolution of consciousness, yet what we are experiencing here is an amazing process. A mass spiritual awakening on a planet like this after the times we have been through to get here is a ticket to one of life’s most special experiences. Can you feel it in the air?



Where there's a will, there's a way, kind of beautiful

And every night has its day, so magical

And if there's love in this life, there's no obstacle

That can't be defeated


For every tyrant a tear for the vulnerable

In every lost soul the bones of a miracle

For every dreamer a dream we're unstoppable

With something to believe in


Waiting for Love



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