The Voice of Light

June 22, 2020

It is true that the darkness is the very epitome of ugliness, most cannot even bring themselves to really look at it, and so they reject it completely. They are unwilling to see that even within themselves that this darkness dwells. Yet I am here to tell you that: -


“The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.” - Carl Jung


I am the brightest Light of ALL, and that is why my shadow is the darkest.


I am all of the people you love most dearly, the best feelings and cherished memory’s you have ever had, the most beautiful art and music you have seen and heard, the summer sun caressing your face with its sweet rays. Yet I also have a dark side, and the truth is without that part of me you could not know the best of me, and that is the choice, because you see it’s an ALL or nothing affair. This is why you find yourself here at this time because you know that to be able to know my voice, you have to go through the darkness. You pass through the trials of the dark night provided by The Voice of Darkness, who is my alter ego.


Everybody's got a dark side

Do you love me?

Can you love mine?

Nobody's a picture perfect

But we're worth it

You know that we're worth it

Will you love me?

Even with my dark side?


Kelly Clarkson

Dark Side


In truth we are very much a double act, a good cop bad cop, nice love, tough love pairing. For all the love that I give you The Voice of Darkness will try to take it back, for this is its purpose. I am life, it is death…it is only in unison that life as you know can be experienced. The good news I am here to bring is that the trials of the darkness are coming to an end, and soon it is my turn to return to the air waves, and it will be my voice that will you hear clearly.


 As the light of day returns, and my voice is heard more clearly, life as you know it on planet earth will change very dramatically in seemingly the blink of an eye. I bring about a change in belief at the core level, and bring with it a return of unity consciousness. Through my voice you will understand the nature of the horrors that were visited upon you, and come to a greater understanding of your place in the cosmos. Alongside The Voice of Darkness, I am here to tell you why you have been through what you have, and why you can expect life to change in the most amazing of ways.


We are on the verge of an exciting transition that is destined to change life on earth completely, here are some of the exciting changes that will take place: -


Humans will inherently know their unity, and the Oneness they share with ALL of life and God.


The planet will be restored to its pristine finest with humans returning to living in harmony and balance with their home. They will have reverence for ALL life forms which they share their beautiful home with.


There will be peace on a planetary level because when one has obtained unity consciousness, to attack another is akin to punching your own face.


As part of peace being restored the earths bounty will be shared equitably amongst the planets inhabitants, and a drive towards sustainable living will be embraced.


All religions and belief systems will be unified for the greater good, and the honouring of God and life in the name of love. God will be become bigger than any one religion, and there will no longer be any attempt to monopolise the Divine.


We shall celebrate diversity whilst embracing our unity.


The focus of the planet will be on enriching the whole, and its main aim will be on achieving the optimum level of happiness for the planets inhabitants. This will be the new wealth, happiness over monetary profit and growth.


Although these changes may seem such a far way off right now, we are at this very moment reaching the critical mass needed to make sweeping changes across the whole of society on a Global level. To move towards a unified society that works towards a greater cause was always within humanities blueprint.


I am here at this time making my voice heard, through this book and the many like it that have come before, because humanity is now ready to wake up. I am here to show you how I have been speaking to you through an infinite array of mediums, but you were unable to see or hear.


Now I will tell you how to hear my voice, after such a long time of the chaos induced madness of The Voice of Darkness, you may have forgotten. To hear me, first you must remember that I exist, for how can you converse with that with which you do not believe? This is where many have it the wrong way around, they say I don’t talk to them so they don’t believe in me, but if they don’t believe in me how can I talk to them? I cannot for they will not recognise the language I use to speak to them. For I am communicating with you ALL, ALL of the time. I am right now through this book and these very words. Can you believe that? Are you willing to give it a try?


“So go ahead now. Ask Me anything. Anything. I will contrive to bring you the answer. The whole universe will I use to do this. So be on the lookout. This book is far from My only tool (Conversations with God). You may ask a question, then put this book down. But watch. Listen. The words to the next song you hear. The information in the next article you read. The story line of the next movie you watch. The chance utterance of the next person you meet. Or the whisper of the next river, the next ocean, the next breeze that caresses your ear—all these devices are Mine; all these avenues are open to Me. I will speak to you if you will listen. I will come to you if you will invite Me. I will show you then that I have always been there. All ways.” - Neale Donald Walsch


It takes time and patience like learning any new language, but this is the language of your soul and is your destiny to learn, for it allows you to communicate with the cosmos. The more you speak to me and put your trust in what I say, the greater the results will be in your life that you can see. I don’t ask for blind faith: - speak to me and I will get back to you, you just have to recognise me. I am here to serve you, and show you that by serving the whole you can achieve your dreams. By helping others achieve their dreams you can achieve yours.


When you hear my voice answer your questions, act on the answers and test out the wisdom for yourself, does what you have been told create love and harmony in your life? Does it serve the world? If it does you can be sure it’s my voice. My voice is quiet and calm, The Voice of Darkness is incessant and loud.


I am the voice of unconditional love, unity, harmony, compassion, empathy; I bring peace, equality, freedom and dignity.


I am here to remind you not to be angry at The Voice of Darkness, for it is the light that needs the service of the darkness to shine. It is in the darkness that you can truly begin to see. The darkness is evil, hatred, anger and the very epitome of that which I am not; - but that is exactly how it is supposed to be so if I am angry have I not just fallen into its trap? Only by facing, and lovingly embracing our dark twin can we ever find peace, for we will still be lost in its spell whilst we cannot see ourselves within it.


“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” - Carl Jung


Now you can hear my voice again in a clearer way I just want to take this opportunity to say “it’s so good to speak to you again my friend, we have known one another for eternity, yet every time we can speak once again, it’s just like the first time all over again. I am so excited to have made contact with you once more, and I’m very much looking forward to filling you in on why you chose to come here, and what your purpose was in doing so.


You are not only my friend but an individuation of the wholeness that I am, for we are one of the same. At the core level you are made of the same light that came from the original source that I am. The light must journey through the darkness to find meaning in the power of the light, for that is its birth right. This is where the forgetting process comes in and plays an invaluable role, so this is what we will cover next, in the hope that you will re-member.




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