The Voice of Darkness (The Opponent/ The Adversary)

June 22, 2020

I think most of us have asked the question “if there is a God then how can there be so much suffering. So many people dying, war, famine, poverty and all of the bad things that are very real on our planet?” Surely this is a sign that either there is no God, and we live in a nihilistic universe of complete chance, or that if God does exist, that God is evil for allowing all the bad stuff to take place. I am here to explain how it is that these misconceptions came about due to the darkness of the night.


Good cannot last forever, too much of anything can make you sick, even the good can be a curse.


“I am The Voice of Darkness and I admit I have wreaked havoc upon your planet, and it is I who has been behind all the evil that has engulfed your world.


I was behind these, and all of the horrible stuff you have encountered.


The most uncomfortable and unsavoury truth I am here to tell you is: -


I did all this is for one reason, and it is probably the last one you would expect to hear.


I did it because I love you. 


I know this is a very bitter pill to swallow and these words may seem contradictory but throughout this book I will explain my reasons. Here is how I will begin: -


I love you so much I came here to hate you, I respect you so highly I came here to disrespect you in every way that I could, I desire to help you so much, I will do all I can to hinder you. You do not yet understand the nature of my role but I am the opponent, the age old adversary of humankind, the Devil. I am the one who you asked to come here and be your match in the game of life. For every game needs a challenger, and I am yours, and you are mine. Yet please understand my brethren, ultimately we are both on the same team and when you inevitably win, we both win, for I am here to bring you home to glory.


Without me you would have no tools with which to shape yourself…it is my challenges that bring you definition, character, and identity. It is through our scrapes that you mature and evolve into your destiny, for it is said "smooth seas do not make for skilful sailors". Without a villain you can have no hero, with no one to save, you can have no saviour, and so I have offered your kind ample opportunities to express your selves, and learn who it is you desire to be.


I have been the one behind all of your arguments, disharmony, war and all of the negative that has plagued your planet throughout the ages. I am the one who whispered in your ear “you are better than they are, you deserve this more”, “you are my chosen one’s they are heathens”, “you must crush them because they are in the wrong” tempting you into making all manner of decisions that benefited me by creating negativity and fear. For these are the foods that I was created to feast on.


When you are acting for yourself alone you do my bidding, it is me in control. When you believe you are superior to others you can be sure it is I who has planted that thought there. I have well and truly influenced this planet and infiltrated every last one of you, yet I am here now to reveal myself and cause in you a revelation. Like the changing seasons my time is coming to an end and yours; a new spring of love is here.


For Everything A Reason,

Life changes with the seasons,

Rain and pain make way

For a glorious new day.

You will be speechless

Yet with so much to say.

Your dreams in reach,

Life is a beach,

With so much to teach.

A sumptuous song

To right the wrongs

And help us see

That as ONE,

We are free. 


If you get mad at me for the job I am here to do, you lose, because it only makes you mad, not me. I was gifted this most paradoxical of challenges by the Creator, whereby my kind were tasked to come to this planet and create as much negativity and fear as possible. We were here to do this in order that free will could be experienced, without free will there is no choice and therefore no true experience. Life as we know it ceases to be in the absence of free will, therefore leading to the death of existence.


The more chaos we create, the greater the opportunity for you to express your free will.  All who are on this planet right now leapt at the chance for this opportunity offered here at this time. You are a very blessed individual, for you won a lottery of souls to find yourself in the here and now of this time and space. When you understand all that you thought you had lost, you have gained for eternity, your heart will sing with joy. Every single painful memory is attached to a gain that you cannot see, and one that is beyond your wildest dreams; the more painful the memory the greater the gain that is attached. 


Now I have begun to reveal myself to you, you must understand it is because this stage in the game is coming to an end and my time here is almost up. I have very much enjoyed the role I was given, and although you cannot understand from this level of existence it is what we have given you here that will act as a catalyst that will shape humanities glorious destiny.  It is not an easy level of existence to overcome, but when you have grown from what the darkness can offer you, you are ready to strive towards the light. When you feel the light once more, you will be back home in paradise.


“Is there reason to the rhyme 

without evil there could be no good,

so it must be good to be evil sometimes?”



“Up There”  


I have even been putting my messages there for you to see in cartoons, for every avenue is open to someone like me.


It is only through coming to an understanding of my purpose here that you will be ready to let me go. When you are ready to let go of the pain I have caused, you are free to resume your place in paradise. Whilst you hold on tight to its memory, it will blind you to the truth that it was you that asked me to come here. I know it may seem strange that someone may use their freedom to be enslaved, but this is what you asked me to do here, and you did it so you could truly be free.


It is through your incarceration that you realise the true meaning of liberation.


I have played my role to perfection, and so well most of you did not even know I existed: -


“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.”


The Usual Suspects


A student of the greatest teacher will not even realise they are being taught, and I am a master at drawing out who you are within. I do this under the cover of darkness, I am a hidden hand in plain sight. 


Without me here you could not have experienced all of the best moments of your life, for it is the worst ones that have provided a context for those to be truly realised.


It has been said: -


“If you can stay positive in a negative situation you win”


Do you want to know how to defeat me?


Through Love: -  by coming to love me you can heal the pain and trauma of the dark night of my rule. Like Jesus you must use the awe inspiring power of forgiveness, and only then will you free me because I have provided you with the most wonderful gift, to be able to forgive. This is what it means to be Divine, to know your inner light. Only love can heal the pain, and only light can shine away the dark.


When you shine a light onto the Devil, the Devil turns into God.


I could not have provided you with this catalyst without being asked by the light, and so together we have worked in unison to offer you this springboard to your evolution.”


If you make it beyond this chapter in the story you are indeed a brave soul, and one who is willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause. You are somebody who is not scared of the dark, and so the dark does not hold the power of fear over you.


Here’s the light’s take on this: -




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