The Golden Dawn

June 22, 2020


"Beautiful dawn - You're just blowing my mind again.

Thought I was born to endless night, until you shine."


James Blunt




There I was, standing alone in the darkness when a blackbird landed by my side, it was in that moment it suddenly dawned on me that the morning had broken. I felt an excitement ripple out of me, emanating from my very heart and soul. In the morning twilight I was transfixed by the possibilities of what is to come. In a moment my world changed, and the world changed with it. I felt true love for the first time, and I knew things were never going to be the same again.



The birds they sang, at break of day.

"Start again", I hear them say.

It's so hard to just walk away.

The birds they sang, all a choir,

"Start again a little higher".

It's a spark in a sea of gray.



"Up With The Birds"



Right now we find ourselves in that place between night and day, where both the new and old ways of perception live side by side. As we reach the critical mass life as we know it changes in a single moment. Just as many of us were ready to throw in the towel, life has shown us its hand and it is holding the ace of spades. And now we are awakening to the universal energy that underlies all things, and we can see clearly there was a divine plan all along.



"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.

See heaven's got a plan for you."


Swedish House Mafia

“Don’t you worry child”



It is a plan that not even the most optimistic of dreamers could have foresaw. It is a plan of sublime beauty, and one that is worthy of the brave souls who underwent this journey through hell. We looked our fears in the eye and found out there was nothing to be scared of; we leapt into the abyss only to discover we can fly.


Can you feel a force awakening within you, as you read these words?


This is their intention and is the very reason they were created because the time is here, and you have brought yourself to this very moment because you are ready. We are known as the early risers and are the pioneers of a new golden age. By waking up we awaken the world. Here comes the sun and every little thing is going to be alright, so let us not worry. We have journeyed together through the dark barren wilderness, and never gave up hope of finding our way home; somehow someway we knew this moment would arrive.


"It's been too long

Living in the shadows here

Are you ready for

The darkness to clear?

It's been too long

Standing in the shadows here

I hope you're ready for

A miracle to appear

Cause here comes the sun"


Here Comes The Sun –

Will K               


If you did not experience the cold hard and harsh nights you could not know the beauty of the return of the morning sun, dawn is a most beautiful time to be alive as you begin to awaken to the possibilities that lie within the new day.


It is a time when darkness fades, and the light leads to a fair, tolerant, sustainable world. One where negativity has been overcome, and the people are working towards building a collective Global world. Resources are shared like they are meant to be, as people see their inherent Oneness laws will start to become antiquated as the human race becomes one giant family who share and treat one another with equal value and worth.


We have desperately been waiting for a hero to come and save us, and now it is the end of the night I am here to tell you “each one of you is your own hero, you are your own saviour, so go now and liberate yourselves from your self-created imprisonment." In your noble drive to serve, you used your freedom to be enslaved, and now it is day break you can break yourself free once more”.


A great band once asked “What’s the story morning glory?” Well now you have had the time to wake up and the glory of the morning is here with the rising sun. It is the glory of the morning that is our story. Now let’s awaken what has been sleeping in our souls, it is time to believe in ourselves once again. We cannot truly believe in God until we believe in ourselves, because together we are God. When we do believe once again, we will believe in one another.


We must pass over the crack of dawn in order to reach a new day.


Dawn has two meanings; -  


“the first appearance of light before sunrise”




“become evident to the mind; be perceived or understood.”


Now here you can see the hidden meaning, for when spiritual dawn arises suddenly life is perceived in a completely new way. As light enters the mind a deeper connection to the cosmos becomes clearly evident, and a vaster understanding about life is born within us. As the sun rises suddenly hidden connections become revealed, and they seem so obvious, yet under the darkness of the night we were blind to what had been right in front of us.


Good morning and welcome to the new day, together we will strive towards the light no matter who we are, where we are from, and what we have done in the past, this light is for ALL of us, and when it touches us we become enlightened.


Life is no longer just about the you that you have known all your life (the individual you), it is about the bigger you (the whole). As we evolve we will see that what is best for the whole is best for us as an individual, because we are one. If what we desire is peace and prosperity, then we have to bring that to the whole of the planet, otherwise no one truly prospers.


We are all intrinsically linked and what others are feeling you too will be affected. Because all we have ever known is a planet at war and in chaos we have forgotten how wonderful it is to be at peace, and to have the peace of mind and happiness that comes with it.


We have so much to look forward too, we just have to wake up now and see that dawn is here and the light has returned. Please now gently awaken others with a message of peace and love, of a new chance for all of us, and a return of the glory of humanity.


New opportunities arise much to our delighted surprise, a fresh morn, a break from the storm, now we no longer feel forlorn, within us a new consciousness is born.


The dawn of the new day is a dawn of a new start, one filled with dreams, one to spark interest in every heart, for whatever was of yesterday is no more today, and now that you’re in the dawn, in your hands you hold, and now have a much brighter and better day.


“I feel glorious, glorious

Got a chance to start again

I was born for this, born for this

It's who I am, how could I forget?

I made it through the darkest part of the night

And now I see the sunrise

Now I feel glorious, glorious

I feel glorious, glorious

I'm feeling glorious”




Featuring Skylar Grey







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