The Global Financial System

June 22, 2020

The way our global financial system has been designed means that over time vast quantities of material wealth ends up accumulating in fewer and fewer hands. Those who are born in poverty have very little chance of escape and end up trapped in a perpetuating cycle of desperation. Most wealth is inherited and passed on exasperating this issue. 


Whilst some have more money than they could ever possibly need there are others who do not have access to food or water. Whilst there are some who have multiple homes there are others who are homeless. This is the system of the night, of darkness, and of separation. It has led to poverty, disease, famine, and to billions of people without even having enough to survive.


The system has been rigged by dark forces to create a world at war, a world of jealousy, of hatred and distrust. We have allowed giant corporations and financial institutions to wield too much power over the ones we elect. By doing this the system is set up to benefit them at the cost of the electorate which makes a sham of democracy. Democracy is just a word when there are people starving, in a society where truly there is plenty to go around, if we just shared.


Here is a link to the Oxfam website and an article they reported earlier this year (2017)


This report shows the gross level of inequality on our planet whereby just eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity, 1% of the population have more wealth than the rest. How is it we can live in a democracy when that is the case? We don't is the truth. 


It also has a link to the full report which is startling and a rallying call for urgent action, I would highly recommend reading it (particularly the 8-page summary below) It lays out great ideas on how to make this an economy that works for everyone, not just the top 1%. This is your future, and nothing is more important than taking back a fair share for the world’s most vulnerable.You have to ask yourself,


"What kind of world do I want this to be?"


Until resources and wealth are distributed and shared in a much fairer and more balanced way, there will remain anger and resentment, disharmony and chaos. This does not just effect the poor but also the rich. It effects the Whole of society and leads to society itself being sick and plagued with crime and fear.


One day we must ask the question "why are there 40 million poor people in America?" When you begin to ask that question, your raising a question about the economic system and about a broader distribution of wealth, the question of restructuring the whole of American society. - Martin Luther King Jr


This rampantly virulent form of capitalism runs against nature itself by valuing monetary profit and growth over our environment and sustainability. It is a system that makes waste profitable and encourages reckless behaviour, with poor management of finite resources. We only have ONE planet, ONE home, and without it able to sustain us anymore money is worthless to us ALL.  


“When the last tree is cut down,

 the last fish eaten,

and the last stream poisoned,

you will realize that you cannot eat money”


– Native American Proverb


As we move into the day we shall adopt a financial system that works for the majority, one that is democratic, one that takes into consideration the need for sustainability and respect for our planet. This is a global problem and will require a global solution, it will require humanity coming together and putting the collective first over the individual.


It is not that we don’t currently have the ability, the technology, or the resources to solve the world’s biggest problems it’s just that we currently have our priorities focussed solely on the individual and not the Whole. 


Our priority as a planet instead of enriching the few will now be about ensuring the many are fed, clothed, housed and provided with health care and education. Every human being on our planet has the right to the basics for life and to both survive and thrive. The greatest form of charity is to put an end for the need for charity, returning dignity to those that rely on hand-outs in a world where there is enough for all. Until we can say there are no poor we will all be poor.               


From an ant to a bird to a buffalo herd

Let them walk and fly and roam

Step aside, let them live, it's simple to give

Like us, they just need a home


There's room for everyone in this world

Back up and make some room

Let's all move over and share this world

Everyone make some room


There's Room for Everyone

Sean Marshall

From the film Pete's Dragon


Our economy either works for everyone or it works for no one, because in the end if wealth distribution reaches a certain level of imbalance the whole system collapses.  As we approach the end of the night we are reaching this tipping point, and now we stand precariously on the edge of our financial system imploding. 


We are seeing in the wealthier nations unmanageable levels of immigration with people fleeing from places of poverty driven by their will to survive. Often they make treacherous journeys risking their lives because the alternative is to die anyway.


In these wealthier nations we are seeing debt accruing to levels where it can no longer be paid back, both individually and nationally. Where government spending has spiralled out of control, where huge amounts of valuable resources are literally being frittered away on a daily basis. Public services are beginning to crumble and wither away.


This is all happening because it is the end of the night and conditions challenge us to change our ways or to perish. Human beings are reluctant to change, but change brings true growth and evolution. Here we are being asked to change how we see the world and each other, from one of separation to one of unity.


In the light of day, we shall see that money is worthless unless it is shared; and that when it is shared it becomes priceless. It is only in sharing money that it can bring happiness and joy. What good is wealth if your wealth does not bring wealth to others? You could be the richest person on the planet yet if that wealth does not help others then truly you are poor. When you truly understand who you are you desire to share with everyone because you are everyone. Knowing this is worth more than any amount of money. 


A healthy economic system sees the capital flowing, not stagnating and pooling in small pockets of great concentration. This is a sign of an ill economy. 


We are now at a time in history where we have the technology and communication systems along with world class logistics to put an end to this misery. I believe we will do this because the time is ripe and it is who we are.


It is time to see that it is in enriching the world’s poorest that we shall become the richest and find our true wealth; - love, peace and harmony. 


Prosperity lies in coming together not further apart. Rich or poor I am reaching out to you now and offering you my hand and giving you my heart. Let’s do this together as One family, and I know we cannot fail to deliver prosperity for ALL Earthlings, and our planet as a Whole. 



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