The Forgetting Process

June 22, 2020

“Without the ability to forget you would never know, because you would know but you would not know that you knew, and therefore you would never know. If you always knew everything you would know nothing.


In truth you are everything that exists, this your soul knows, yet if that is all you ever knew yourself to be then you could never know yourself at all. You would be everything yet know yourself as nothing, and so this is where the forgetting process comes in. Life as we know it at this level could not function unless we came here to these lives with amnesia of our true selves.  


The realm we come from is paradise, a literal heavenly realm, our souls have infinite knowledge and Oness with the ALL. Yet during our time here in the physical world on earth we are everything we are not: -


We can die, we can feel pain, we can suffer, we act selfishly, we are lost. Yet in experiencing these things we can remember that truly we are immortal beings free of pain and suffering, and completely one with everything else.


Here at this epoch in humanities journey there is an abundance of opportunities for spiritual growth and evolution. To choose light in the darkness offers far more growth than when you know your true identity.  Here we chose to forget our true immortal infinite selves and believe in the mass created illusion that we are only the egos we came here to play in this short earth life…our human identities.


By doing this suddenly we knew what it was to feel small, to be like a small fish in a big pond, to feel like an insignificant tiny fragment in a giant and hostile world, to feel confused, scared, and powerless.


The world on earth is like a play, our egos are the characters, our lives the storyline, yet when we are here we really believe that the characters we play are who we are. But after this life is over, we step off stage back into our true selves and grow and evolve from the parts that we played. We understand fully why we experienced what we did, what appeared meaningless becomes full of meaning, what looked senseless makes complete sense.


Not only can we see our own character’s perspective we see the perspective of all the characters, we understand what it is to walk in their shoes.  Off stage you will see that even souls who played mean and nasty characters are beautiful beings of light. Even those who acted like demons are truly angels.


My job here with these words is to remind you who truly are behind that rather splendid earth costume that you are wearing. The human you is just a small fraction of your true identity, the real you is much bigger than this, like an iceberg so much is hidden beneath the surface of your perception.


This computer/phone you are holding is you, these words are you, the air you are breathing is you, the room you are sitting in is you, that tree outside is you…it is ALL you. You are every human being that has ever lived, every animal, every tree, every planet, every star it is all made of the same energy that you are. It all manifests from the same single source, and it is all working in perfect harmony.


Now this level of existence is changing, our awareness is expanding, and now we can inherit once again our birth right of our true identity. The forgetting process has worked in allowing us to know once again in this moment of glory who we really are. We are love, we are life, we are the energy that bonds us all. We can now we realise the glorious truth that we are Divinity made manifest into flesh, we are gods and together we are God.


As this truth is realised we become bonded to something much greater than what we believed life to be. Suddenly we go from seeing ourselves as nothing, to knowing that we are everything, and that it is the journey through knowing nothing that leads to the destination of understanding everything.


It is all about balance and this is what we shall cover next: -



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