The Environment

June 22, 2020

The planet we live on is our extended body and is as integral to our lives as the body we inhabit. Like our body it is our home and the way we treat it says allot about the current level of our development as a species.


During the night we have wreaked havoc on our host and through our lifestyles have created a myriad of problems such as habitat destruction, deforestation, ocean acidification, pollution, top soil erosion, desertification. This is a result of human impact through actions such as Industrialisation, massive population growth, the spread of cities, agriculture (particularly the meat and dairy industry (1) and climate change.


Because of the darkness of the night this has spiralled out of control and has led many to feel helpless about the situation. It seems like nothing can stop this destruction and that we are like a car with no breaks speeding towards the edge of a cliff. We are cutting down huge swathes of rainforest every day (2), we are seeing the loss of other species at an unprecedented rate (3), our marine life is only a generation away from extinction (4), by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish if current trends continue (5).


We are facing a mass extinction level event on our planet that is being brought ever closer by the actions of humanity.


Our way of life is suicide and is literally killing us both on an individual level and a planetary one, our actions are of a species hell bent on its own destruction: - however, this is very normal for a species like ours during the time of night. Like a child we have to learn our own lessons, and by doing it the wrong way we learn and appreciate how to do it the right way.


This may all seem rather bleak and hopeless yet it is through facing these problems that we can grow to overcome them. Like in other areas the solutions are already available for a sustainable planet, we just have to embrace them. Where there is a will there will be a way.


In the morning light we will come to our senses and see the planet is not ours but is borrowed from our future generations, and that what we do now effects those who have not even been born yet.


The question is “what sort of planet do we want to leave our loved ones?” A better or worse one than we inherited? We will see it is in our best interests to work with nature and not against it.


With our current economic model, sustainability means loss of profit, the more waste that is created the more profitable for big corporations. Our governments are controlled by these corporations, and so have very little regard for the planet we live on. We must take that control back and focus our attention on creating a sustainable society that respects the limits of our finite planet. Finding a balance between progress and sustainability.


The environmental problems we have created are linked with other areas such as the economy, education and politics, if we are to change the current trends and avert the disaster we are speeding towards then a holistic approach will be required. This will be about ALL of us taking responsibility for our own actions, and about coming together for the greater good.


When I said "I want to change the world" the world said to me “there is only one way to change the world, and that is by changing yourself” if we want to make the world a better place to live then it is down to us to make the changes on an individual level.


Do you wish to make the world more loving? Then become more loving, do you wish to make the world fairer? Then become fairer, do you wish to make the world more sustainable? Then live a more sustainable life style, do you wish awaken the world? Then become awakened.


Like the majority of wealth has ended up in fewer and fewer hands, the main protagonists of the destruction of our planets environment has been the richer countries, in the so called developed world. In the richer countries we consume more goods than ever before, yet are more depressed. (6) We have access to an overabundance of food yet our bodies are malnourished and sick with disease.


During the night our idea of being developed has meant consuming more goods, yet as day breaks a country will be considered more developed by the quality of life it offers, and not its GDP.


We must leave room for nature and nature will provide for us all we need to thrive; it is time to live in harmony with the natural limits of our finite planet. By embracing a new lifestyle where happiness is valued over monetary profit, our attitudes towards the environment will shift.


We will come to see that rampant materialism and over consumption does not make us happy, but actually destroys our happiness. That living out of balance with nature, leaves us feeling unbalanced. Until we live in harmony with life, we will not live harmonious lives. 


The Voice Of Darkness has encouraged us to live with no thought about tomorrow, and with no thought for others that we share our planet with. But The Voice Of Light is the voice of reason, the voice that makes us aware that we are part of a collective, and by respecting and honouring that collective we can collectively change the world.


It is time we had reverence for our home once more, and based our way of life around honouring it and not destroying it. Our economy must value that which is recyclable and renewable the most. 


We shall become a generation that puts a halt too, and reverses this incessant destruction of our One and ONLY home. We shall see it is by doing this we can become happier. That by consuming less, and becoming more conscious of the production processes we become informed, and therefore empowered in the choices that we make. We shall do this because it is what will allow us to survive and thrive in a new world.


As the day breaks and more people awaken this movement gains momentum, and will sweep across the global consciousness, and into the minds of the masses.


I have no doubt that we will rise to overcome these issues, and gain the strength and skill for forging a new day, and a different way. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)



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