June 22, 2020

To those who believe in God there is nothing more sacred in their lives, and this is why humanity has been so divided during the night when it comes to religion. During the night religions of exclusivity dominate our planet, and the need to be the only right path to God reigns supreme.


One religion will claim that the others are all hell bound for adopting a different belief system, and it is easy to see why this would cause anger and upset in those who don’t follow that path. This is a perfect recipe for division and conflict, and whilst we continue to harbour these beliefs we will never create unity and peace.


Religions are like rivers yet God is the Ocean. God is Bigger than religion so we shouldn’t make religion bigger than God, we do this by claiming our way is the only way. Forcing others to follow your idea of God will only lead to rejection. God does not take sides because God is on ALL sides. God is big enough to go round and there is enough of God for everyone who seeks to establish a relationship with the Divine.


The love of God is there for everyone or for no one, it cannot be monopolised. 


No two people are ever identical…even so called identical twins. Even each and every grain of sand is completely unique and beautiful and so is ALL of Life.  With humanity we can see that all around the world our architecture is different, our music, our art, our fashions, the languages we speak, even those who speak the same language have different accents, and even those with same accents have a unique way to vocalize it.


This is why we have such a rich tapestry of spiritual beliefs adorning our wonderful planet because it is an inherent part of nature. Maybe we cannot completely understand someone speaking in another language but that does not make their language wrong, it’s just that we do not speak it. A different path to God is no different than speaking another language, it is the same thing expressed in a uniquely different way.


Imagine if everyone looked the same, dressed the same, talked the same, thought the same and believed the same, now that would be a life without any fun. This is what religions of exclusivity are attempting to achieve, to eliminate that special uniqueness. This is why even within one religion there becomes separate factions that claim to be the only way, like in Christianity there are Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, born again Christians etc many claiming the others are condemned to hell.  We are all different so let’s celebrate that by not trying to be the same. 


No matter what religion you follow whether it’s Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism etc if we can learn to grow and accept others people rights to their own path free of condemnation, we can all learn to celebrate God together in peace, and have love for one another in our hearts. God is Love and Unity, Peace and Joy isn’t that worth more than the differences? With a new day there will be a One world religion that encompasses all belief systems and faiths. Allowing people of all faiths to join together in a celebration of the Divine. 


Any religion that isn’t evolving is stagnated in the past, as we evolve our ability to interpret Gods message evolves. We must ask “do our current spiritual and religious beliefs serve us as a Whole?” And the answer to that is no because they are creating division. Spirituality should lead towards unity, and when we let go of the idea that our path to God is the only one, or the special one, we can come to celebrate together.


The true value of our beliefs are measured in the way we treat others: -  


When we are kind, loving, compassionate and empathetic we are living examples of the worth of our beliefs. When we are filled with judgement, hatred and intolerance yet claim to follow the one true God our actions have spoken louder than our words. We do not even need to believe in God to be loving kind people, and just because we do believe in God that does not mean we are automatically these things.


I care less about what people believe about God and more about how they treat others. It matters not to me if someone even believes in God as long as they are kind and compassionate, loving and caring. Our beliefs are only demonstrated by the person we are.


Religions of exclusivity control, yet God is freedom, don’t find a religion find God. Why should we only celebrate one god when God is ALL gods? God cannot just be found in one book but in ALL books, not in one place but in ALL places, not in one person but in ALL people, this is the secret of life that you asked me to remind you of my friend. The kingdom of heaven is within you right now, all you have to do is seek it to find it, ask and you will shown, knock and the door will be opened. This is not about colour or creed it is open to ALL.


As day breaks the time for religions to unite and come together for the greater good is born and the time for people to use religion as a way to be divided comes to an end. Seek God within you, and you will find that you have the key to the door of Divinity.


The only idea of God that will truly serve us in finding God is our own unique and special way. I cannot give you the key because I only have the key to my own Divinity, you have to use your own key. Do not seek it without but within, do this and you will not go without.


When you use that key, behind the door you will find unconditional love waiting to embrace you, and in that moment you will only wish heaven for others because you have found heaven yourself. It is time to stop worshipping outside sources and see that inside you are Divine, when one worships a deity or prophet they fail to see their own worth.


Inside you will see that you are everything. A god that puts itself above you is a counterfeit because the real thing is who you really are.


God does not want power over you but empowers you, does not make you guilty but gives you your innocence back, does not tell you what to do but shows you by example. 



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