Present Moment Living

June 22, 2020

Many people during the night do not live in the present moment, distracted by an endless barrage of thoughts they are often stuck in the past, or dreaming of the future. This is where fear and anger, uncertainty and hatred reside.


Reality as we perceive it to be is clothed in our own interpretation of the information we are receiving. It is coloured by the hue of our own perception, we both see the same thing yet an infinitely diverse reflection of it.


Our minds actually filter out 99.999% of the information around us, as we begin to centre ourselves in the present moment we become aware of things that are there, which before we were blind too. We begin to see how everything in the universe is alive, connected and vibrates with energy. From other people, to trees, to that rock on the floor, everything is alive with a consciousness. In the present colours become more vibrant, smells more vivid, we can hear and are tuned into the chorus of nature all around us. The touch of our feet on the ground, the feeling of the wind gently caressing our skin seems to take on qualities that went unnoticed before.  


When we conversate with others we are better listeners, better advisors, better friends. We open ourselves up to deeper compassion and empathy, we free ourselves from judgement and condemnation.


We have a deeper trust in life and that despite the lows there is always a higher plan unfolding as it should.


As we live more in the moment The Voice of Darkness falls silent, and The Voice of Light can suddenly make itself heard. The Voice of Darkness manifests through thought form, the voice of light emanates from the soul.


Living in the present is truly a gift, the clue is in the name.


When we live in the present, we allow our gifts to flourish, and we allow our dreams to manifest into reality. Even in turbulence our minds remain calm and still, we exude unconditional love from our hearts into the world. Present moment awareness becomes reality as night turns to day, as we begin to feel and see once again our grander place in the cosmos.


Free from the burden of relentless oppressive negative thoughts that The Voice of Darkness brings to us during the night, we are filled with joy. It’s like having a splinter in your mind driving you insane your whole life and suddenly having it removed, like having music you hate replayed over and over again at full volume, suddenly turned off.


As more people become grounded in the present the mass consciousness begins to shift from chaos, into order, from madness into sanity, from evil into good, from hatred into love, it is in the present we become Whole once more. 


Being present does not mean good things always happening, but it does mean accepting that all is happening for the greater good.


Only those that live in the present live in reality, those that are lost in thought are living in a dream; they are on auto pilot, unconscious with very little choice over the choices they make. It is through practising present moment living through mindfulness and meditation that we can gain the power to consciously create our world through intention and well-honed thoughts. The less you think the more powerful your thoughts become. Your thoughts use energy to process, and when your thinking is out of control you drain your energy and stress out the nervous system.


Each thought is creative, and when your mind is a jumbled mess of thoughts you create chaos. When you learn to live in the moment and use your thoughts consciously, you are able to create perfect order and harmony within your life. It is in mastering our thoughts that we gain the power to create and manifest into the physical that which we think and picture in the mental. It takes many changes and offers lots of challenges along the way to move from thinking into being.


We cannot alter the past but we can consciously create the future of our dreams by mastering the present. When we live in the present we have ascended time. We are not our thoughts but our thoughts do allow us to create an expression of ourselves that we desire to experience. When the thoughts are our master our life is an experience of unconscious creation which is full of disharmony. When we are the master of our thoughts we bring order to the chaos, and become conscious co-creators of our own destinies.


We can’t get back yesterday, we cannot yet live out tomorrow, so cherish now, the moment where we have the gift of the present to make positive change for ourselves and the world. It is here where we have the power to heal the past and build our glorious future. When we live in the past we are attached to a version of ourselves that no longer exists, when we only dream of the future we are missing our chance to create that future in the NOW, it is here and now where our true power is contained.


Change is always manifested in the present, it is not who we were but who we are now that defines us. We all lost connection to our souls by coming here, they were always with us, but we were blinded by the darkness. God can ONLY return through US, when we see our own Divinity the world becomes Heaven. When we understand life will always provide for us that which we need in the moment, we can move through life free of fear and see that we need nothing. 


Now the question is what you will you do with your present?


I have made the commitment to use my now to make a better world for me, for you, for us All and I couldn’t be happier. You have used your moment to share these words with me for a reason, perhaps you share my goal, perhaps you don’t, but thank you; for you have made my world a better place just for listening.   


A wonderful book on the subject of present moment living is “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, this book is one of the greatest on the subject, and Eckhart’s story is fascinating. I would highly recommend you read this book to gain a greater grasp of the power of the present, and begin your journey to a more present centred life. One where the deepest joy of life is waiting for you right now, it is the answer to your prayers, and your dreams come true, and the great news is it comes from you




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