Our Individual Body (Microcosm) and the Extended Body (Macrocosm)

June 22, 2020


“The cosmos is within us, we’re made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”


 - Carl Sagan



Like the cells which make up our bodies are themselves miniature worlds, so too are we the cells in a greater body. At this moment in time we are like the singled celled organisms that competed against one another for survival in the primordial soup. They decided to come together with other cells because it increased the chance for survival and evolutionary opportunities. Now is the time we will come together and work as One as it favours our chance for survival in a new age of cooperation over competition. We move away from being many competing factions vying for the top, to being one big dream team which encompasses us ALL.


Just imagine what 7 billion human beings all working together in harmony, with the organisation of the human body could achieve.


This is the next stage of our evolution, and is where we are going as we head into the new day. As the truth of our oneness and unity sweeps the globe, a desire is born within us to work for the greater good.


With the realisation of our unity the desire for conflict with one another disappears, not because of any primitive laws that tells us its wrong. A skin cell doesn't need to be told not to attack a liver cell, or a brain cell told not destroy the lungs, they don’t do it because they know to do so is to attack the self and is suicide. We shall come to realise that collectively we make up a larger body and so we will inherently no longer attack one another, and we will be focussed on working together to become something greater than the sum total of our parts.


Like a cell in a body chooses to serve the body through its own free will because it understands it is serving a higher purpose, so too do people who see they are the cells of a larger body. It is not about serving the higher good for some moral reason but because you understand at the core level, you are not just the cell but also the whole body, and what serves the body is what is serving you.


When enough people realise this and the level reaches critical mass, we shall see the outer body of our planet resembling a beautiful structure that serves every single person.  Each person will play a vital role as important as each cell does: - the support system of life itself.


The civilisation we create will serve us ALL. Like any human invention such as a jumbo Jet, a house, a television, a circuit board; - we are a series of individual components that together create something greater and more complex than ourselves as an individual. There is an infinite intelligence behind all of creation and our human expression of it is just a primitive reflection of that.


Imagine the most beautiful painting you’ve ever seen, with each individual person representing an individual stroke of the artist’s brush, each unique and beautiful in its own right, yet together combined in the right way they create a master piece of astounding beauty. Like an individual instrument in an orchestra combining to create a stunning symphony. At this moment in time we are a jumbled mess, but that is always the way during the night, the time of darkness, how can you paint a master piece when you are in darkness and cannot see?


A body takes life’s rich diversity and uses it to become a unified whole capable of achieving far more than any individual cell could on its own. We will still maintain our individuality just like the cells, but we will become more as we pool our resources together.


Like with a football team for example, an individual player has their own unique skills but when they bring those skills together with others who have different qualities they can become a functioning unit capable of playing beautiful football. A unit that can defend, attack, and move together as one. A football team represents a microcosm of how a functional whole can operate far better than the individuals that makes up its parts. Each player with their own role, of which they are specialists in, together they make up the team. At this moment on this planet we have an ineffective team because we have goalies up front, strikers in defence, wingers in goal etc. we do not have the right players in their most effective positions and so it is chaos.


When we become a unified planet we will gain the capabilities to reach the stars and interact with other planets that have done the same. If we did not unify then humanity would be destroyed before we gained these capabilities, because the technology required would be so powerful humans would use it to kill each other en mass, as we do with the technologies that we have today.


If the cells in our body behaved as we do with each other, then the body could not function as a unified whole, and we could not exist as we know it. In a human body you do not see 95% of the resources in only 5% of the body, you see it distributed throughout. The body would not hoard all the vitamins, minerals, oxygen etc in one tiny part of the body because it understands its One body, comprised of trillions of components. All individual, yet One with the others.


To hoard vital nutrients in one area would kill the other areas, and the body that it’s a part of would suffer, and therefore it would suffer. When humans realise we are One giant body, you will not see a small minority hoarding all the resources because they will understand they suffer too, because they will always be part of the same body. In our world as a result of this we see disharmony, poverty and crime, which are illnesses that come about because the greater body is sick. It became sick by design, and will now heal by design. 


If you allow the foot to starve the body will no longer be able to walk, if you don’t send energy to the liver your body would soon become very sick. This we must see, that our extended body is sick and crippled because we are not functioning as a unit properly. Imagine every cell in your body suddenly decided to follow our mantra ‘survival of the fittest’ and they all turned on one another, your body would not be alive or survive for long. It’s about the body as a whole surviving because without the body no one cell can survive. Even the richest of cells will still perish if the body does, and this we must come to terms with fast, and this we will as The Voice of Light becomes clear in our minds.


What’s best for everyone is best for the individual because the individual is everyone; there is only one of us here, not two, three or four. We are one consciousness in an infinite number of forms, yet all manifesting from the same source. We are like an ocean, made of a trillion droplets yet moving as one. We are a living breathing piece of an interconnected symbiotic web of infinite energy.


We do not need to rely on anything outside of our self because there is no outside of ourselves, there is only one of us here, and nothing else. Just one thing composed of an infinite number of parts which all work in harmony to strive towards the evolution of the Whole. When you see the universe in yourself you can harness its power and form a relationship with it. Communicating with the universe is like suddenly finding out there is an infinite source of wisdom contained in an eternal library, with an intelligence that guides you through it, if we just ask and listen.


The universal intelligence can be accessed when we remember the value of listening. We can do this through stilling our minds by using such techniques as meditation, yoga, present moment awareness, and generally adopting a slower pace. We can then begin to have a conversation with a higher power. By learning patience, and asking the right questions we can gain access to knowledge that propels us to fulfilling our destinies.  


When we become One again with ourselves, with each other and with the Universe itself our true power is born. Out of the chaos we create a beautiful order, instead of fighting and competing, we are working together to create a better world for everyone.


We will see all that had passed before had perfectly prepared us for the glory of what was to come.


As One there is nothing we cannot accomplish because we are a part of the infinite intelligence and wisdom, love and light that gives rise to All of life. We will come to see that it resided inside of us all along, yet we were blind to its presence.


We are living in a moment where opportunity is so plentiful yet people have been blind to it because of the night time induced blindness and amnesia. As we awaken we shall see that every negative we can collectively see in our society can be put right. Whatever serves our home and its inhabitants the best is what we will collectively strive to achieve, aiming to achieve the balance between human progress and the right of earths other inhabitants to have their rightful home. They are us and we are them, what harms them bring us harm too.


If you cut your left hand that doesn’t mean the right one is not affected because it is all part of the same body. Pain is shared by the whole body, so when there are others suffering great pain around the world we can never be free of their pain, and that is a good thing because it means we cannot ignore it forever.


The body does not get angry at itself it heals itself, and this is what we must do if we are to become a functioning whole. By getting angry we feed the festering wounds, by understanding and accepting them we gain the power to heal them at their root cause and create a healthy world.


Take the pain and use it for your gain, start a chain reaction by following your heart and making a fresh start. 



"A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."  ~  Albert Einstein



Science and religion alone cannot bring about peace, only becoming Whole can: - 


This is a change in the consciousness of humanity so it becomes aware of its self as a connected part of an infinitely vast and beautiful world. A whole that is alive and infinitely wise, when we see this connection we are filled with Love for the world around us. A reverence is born within us both for one another and our majestic home as a whole. We will find our place in the cosmos by coming together, within us is the power to perform miracles.


There is a universal intelligence that is guiding humanity from behind the scenes; within the madness lies sanity. We have all been willing participants in this most wonderful of epics, where we delved into the darkness only to find that in doing so, finally we understood the glory of our light.


We shall know that life requires an eternal balance of forces, and as a part of life we play our role in this. We play our role of forgetting that we are a part of the whole, and so experience the chaos that ensues as result. Yet through this we come to have the reward of being able to truly know understand and appreciate our real identity, that of Divinity.


As part of the design during the night we choose not to be able to see that design, and if we are honest, we were not yet ready until this moment now to accept our dark side. For it is only in accepting our dark-side that we can overcome the division that it creates, and find love through unifying our Jekyll and Hyde nature. By intelligent design we all experience playing our parts in creating light and darkness, good and evil.


By experiencing life as both sides we become balanced enough to use these things in a way that benefits our true identity, that which is All of Life. We are All the children of planet earth, the raw elements that created our bodies have come from our resplendent planet earth, our mother. The warm intelligence that has sparked that matter into life, was the intelligent rays from our source of Light, our magnificent and beautiful Sun, our father.


To respect our mother and father is to treat our mother the planet well; she is our giving host, and our father, by using the intelligence he has blessed us with responsibly. We could only learn to do that by going through the night which is the catalyst for raising our collective consciousness to a level that could harness the true power of our identity.


This moment is HERE and that time is NOW, and now you can know you are an infinite, boundless, ALL knowing, ALL wise energy, both an individual component of the whole yet also the Whole itself. You are a cell in the body of God, which is Life itself.


Like the cells within the body are orchestrated by the brain of the body, the place which houses the epicentre of intelligence which guides the vessel, there is a universal brain that is pure spiritual energy and light, which passes its knowledge and wisdom further down the levels of consciousness in the name of the evolution of life.


It does this so it can bring balance to the cosmos and create a place where all paradoxes can come together, and make perfect sense. There is nothing this energy does not know and did not have a hand in creating. 



“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”



― Nikola Tesla




You're the future, and you've come for what is yours

The hidden treasure, locked behind the hidden doors

And the promise of a day that's shiny new

Only a dreamer, could afford this point of view

But you're a driver, not a passenger in life

And if you're ready, you won't have to try 'cause

You are the Universe

And there ain't nothin' you can't do

If you conceive it, you can achieve it

That's why, I believe in you, yes I do

You're a winner, so do what you came here for

The secret weapon, isn't secret anymore


You Are the Universe

Brand New Heavies



The age we are living in has seen the triumph of materialism, yet as one age ends a new one begins, and this is the transformation of matter into spirit. This is the return of a higher consciousness where we are realigned with our great connection to the universe as a part of ourselves.


The universe is alive and communicates with us through thought/inspiration.


When we become consciously aware of this, we can begin a communion with the universe.


We begin a student/master relationship, the universal consciousness is the ultimate master and perfect teacher.


As we begin to listen to the advice that comes to us we begin to align with the power of the universe and gain access to the collective consciousness.


When we reach this heightened state and our intentions are fully aligned with those of the universe, we create powerful change that allows us to live in harmony with the world around us.


Those who serve the universe become masters of the universe, because when you serve the universe, the universe serves you.


The sun’s rays guide us like a universal brain and the earth provides us with the material with which to create the paradise of our dreams. Now we just need to be willing to listen and, The Voice of Light will be heard.


Like a daffodil knows the exact right time to spring into life, so too do we inherently know when it’s time to transform into our bigger selves, and that time is now. The night is like the winter yet with the dawning of a new day, spring is in the air, and with the sun comes an opportunity for renewed life. This will be our transmogrification like the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, are you ready to spring your beautiful wings and fly my wonderful friends? 




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