Our Health and The Health of Our Home

June 21, 2020

During the night our individual health’s match that of our planets, what we have done to our home we have also done to our bodies. We eat unhealthy foods, are stressed, dis-eased, depressed and angry. The Voice Of Darkness dominates our minds demanding that we consume foods and drugs which make us sick. We feel out of control and are led by our incessant impulses.


Like war, disease is an extremely profitable business and this is a big obstacle to creating a healthier society. The pharmaceutical giants are multi billion dollar corporations which get rich off disease. These corporations influence government policies and prevent natural remedies, they monopolise cures and sell us drugs at hugely inflated prices. For these companies the more sick people there are, the more customers and money there is to be made. It is in their financial interest’s people are not cured, but remain reliant on a cocktail of expensive drugs. Many of these drugs have adverse side effects which lead to the need for more drugs as a result. 


Our current approach to health is about dealing with disease once it has arisen, however the only effective way to deal with disease is to prevent it in the first place. It is time for us to realise that good health is our most valuable source of wealth, it is a far greater investment than any stock or share.


The most effective health care system is one that puts prevention first: - a vast number of diseases can be prevented through adopting a healthy lifestyle. If we do not change our way of lives, the cost of treating preventable disease will lead us to bankruptcy. Whilst those who sell the drugs get rich, society becomes poor both in health and financially.


We allow junk food companies to sponsor our scientists, and pay for research into the health effects of the junk food that they sell. This leads to impartial studies and skewed science which fails to lay the blame at the door of these companies. Refined sugar is more addictive than cocaine yet we feed it to our children on a daily basis, and allow these corporations to market its products directly at them. They use colourful and glossy packaging, often with big cartoons plastered over them, aimed at grabbing their attention.


When I was a kid I was always warned about the story of the drug dealer that would hang around outside of schools and offer free drugs to children in order to get them hooked. Once hooked they would have a customer for life and could extort from them huge sums of money. I now realise this is what junk food companies who sell products laden with refined sugar have done. They get the child hooked from a young age, and they have a life time addict who is loyal to their brand.


Like tobacco companies denied their products were dangerous and highly addictive so too do the junk food companies today. It is time to remove their influence from those in power and wake up to the devastating effects these drug foods are having on our health, and the physical and mental wellbeing of our children.


In order to prevent disease it is in humanities bests interests to adopt a predominantly whole foods, plant based diet. In our modern world we consume flesh and dairy from animals that have been fed the wrong foods, injected with growth hormones, given huge doses of antibiotics and are kept in cruel and unnatural conditions. Meat and dairy are best consumed in smaller quantities with an emphasis on a much higher quality, where animal welfare is the biggest priority and not turn over and profit. 


It is in the developed world that demand for meat is at an unsustainable level, by adopting a plant based diet there is much less waste and far more food to go around. It is not only superior for our health but in ensuring all people in the world are fed. At the moment the people of the developed world are suffering from diseases because they eat too much of the wrong types of food, whilst the third world countries suffer diseases from a lack of food. This imbalance leads to social disharmony and unhappiness. 


Our diets are not only destroying our physical bodies but also our extend bodies - the planet, for example much of the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil is due to the developed world’s demand for cheap beef. During the writing of this book I became a vegetarian and cut right back on dairy (largely for these reasons) and my health is now thriving because of it.


Information on this subject can be found in such documentaries as “Food Inc”, “Cowspiracy”, “Forks Over Knives”, and books such as “The China Study” and “Diet for a New America: How Your Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness & the Future of Life on Earth.” The most harrowing yet worthwhile documentary I came across was "Earthlings"and I challenge you to be brave enough to witness the horrors and reality of our cruel treatment of animals by watching it for yourself. Only by facing up to these things can we gain the power to put a stop to them, ignorance is not bliss when it leads to suffering. 


Our body is our temple, our church, our synagogue, our mosque, it is the place our spirit resides. Unhealthy choices lead to more unhealthy choices in an endless spiral towards disease. A clean diet full of fresh raw food is the solid foundation from which great health is built, your temple is sacred and should be revered. By consuming the right nutrients, and acting in ways to improve our physical condition, we can become more connected to this life force. We shall feel full of energy, and ready to begin a new day.

Here are some ways we can achieve this.


Some ways to create a healthier society; -


Adopting a predominantly whole food plant based diet with organic and locally grown produce. 


Regular exercise with funds going into subsidising these activities.






Regular visits to health spas with Saunas, Steam Rooms and Jacuzzi’s etc.


Slower paced lives with minimal stress.


Meaningful and well paid work that enhances our lives and the planet.


Spending more time surrounded by nature.


Having more time to spend with family and friends.


Living mindfully and in the present moment.


When we live healthily and have clean diets we will be free from suffering and pain. When we eat a diet high in nutrients we keep our bodies and minds fully furnished and in optimum health. It is time to embrace an holistic approach to health that looks at prevention of disease and the avoidance of suffering, disease and pain.


Our current lifestyles which make us sick and diseased is that of the night, come the day we will undertake revolutionary change which will benefit not only ourselves, but the planet as a whole, and will lay the solid foundations for an exciting new chapter for our species.  


As the Voice Of Light takes over the airwaves, our path to this exciting new future becomes clearer in our minds. The confusion which has dominated our minds for so long dissipates, like fog in the bright morning sun.


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