June 22, 2020

Music is so special because it’s appeal is so wide spread and its language universal. It’s ability to reach us on a deeper level is unparalleled. Music speaks to us on a level beyond the words and taps into our soul and can resonate with us in a very special way.


As has been said “music is a piece of art that goes into the ears and straight to the heart”


I have always loved the way music makes me feel, and with its rich diversity there is always a song to match every mood. It can stir memories of childhood, or bring you back to a time that was special to you. With or without lyrics it can take you on a vivid journey conjuring up a vast array of imagery, what we take from it is unique to each of us, and is like a precious gift from its creators. 


Music can aid us in escaping the whirlwind of thoughts spinning through our mind and bring us into the bliss of present moment awareness. It truly is a gift from the Divine and life without it is hard to even imagine.


 “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” Ludwig van Beethoven


As you can tell from this book music has played an integral part in my awakening, to the point that I could not have written it without the inspiration it has so kindly brought to me. Within music I have found messages that relate to humanities awakening, a message spread throughout all genres and artists. Life has answered many of my most cherished questions to the sound of music, and it has been my aim to relay these to you through my work.


I see musicians and songwriters as more than just singers, they are prophets and spokespeople for their generation, channelling the energy of God into the masses, planting the seeds for glorious change, and telling the story of us ALL through their songs.


This is why we love them so much, and they are called “stars” because they are lighting the way for a new day. A new age is being born, and through their songs we belong once more, as we enter through the door of the kingdom, this is the beginning of wisdom.


When looked at as a Whole it can reveal deeper truths about life. Music is one of Gods greatest gifts, what better form or medium to tell a simple story for us to understand? Life is more than just a play, it is a musical.


When writing a song musicians are tapping into the collective consciousness and the place where ALL is unified, and this is why the story of our awakening can be found within it. Music is the unmanifest made manifest, the unseen coming into sight, the golden silence being so beautifully heard. 



Music is the harmonious voice of creation; an echo of the invisible world.” Giuseppe Mazzini



Tonight God has spun the sound track to our lives because: -



For tonight

God is a DJ



“God Is A DJ”



By learning to listen more deeply, hidden meanings reveal themselves to us, and patterns emerge among the chaos.



"There is no truer truth obtainable by man than that which comes of music."  Robert Browning



Within the Uni – Verse there is One song, One Dance, One Ultimate truth, One Love and One Heart. This is where we can be made complete and heal the pain in our hearts.



“Music can change the world because it can change people.” Bono



It is my belief that music will be the catalyst for our coming together, and the key to our unification as a people. Through music we shall see that all of Life is connected and unified, and is unfolding to a greater plan.


Music has been a major driving force behind the evolution of our consciousness’s and as we approach day break, the true role music has played will be plain to see. It will lead us to the glory of God and awaken what has been sleeping in our souls, and finally we will believe in one another.



Are you ready to rock and roll? Good my friend, now let’s continue on with our stroll.



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