June 22, 2020

The education of our future generations is key to building a better and brighter tomorrow. It is within our schools that we have a wonderful opportunity to draw out the best in our children. School needs to become about more than just teaching children information and facts, it must also teach them tolerance, love, how to get along with and respect others.


Right now we teach children information yet our schools are rampant with division, with bullying and are a miserable place for many of the students. Children are made to compete instead of cooperate and are taught that the world is a survival of the fittest contest, where only the strong survive and thrive, where the weak get left to rot on the trash heap.


Children are told what to think, and not how. Many are limited by someone else’s vision which stunts their development and leaves them short. They are taught not to challenge authority even if that authority is not working towards their best interests. School is about instilling obedience and not about creating free and powerful critical thinkers. It teaches pupils to be followers and not leaders. This leads to them obediently following those in power even if they are corrupt and are destroying our environment through their policies.


We put our children under far too much pressure with exams from an early age and a pressure to succeed academically. This has created numerous mental health problems and has led to young children suffering with anxiety, stress and depression. The youth should be more carefree and happy, less concerned about passing tests and more about having fun. We must not suck out the joy and enthusiasm that comes with youth but encourage and embrace it. Imagination is one of children’s greatest gifts yet our schooling system destroys this instead of encouraging children to use it for their creativity.


School should be a fun and colourful experience, a place filled with laughter and creativity, with music and art. Where they are taught things such as how to get along with others, the value of giving, the benefit of working together as a team, the importance of honesty and responsibility.


Children should be taught that our true wealth comes from health and happiness not money and material possessions. Through meditation and mindfulness children can learn that within they can find an inner voice that can guide them to that contentment. They can discover the world they live in is alive and that they can communicate and interact with it. They can help change it for the better through their thoughts, words and actions. 


Every child is born a genius and has a unique talent to bring to the world that schooling should be helping them find. It is time to put our faith in the youth and allow them to create solutions and new ways forward to problems created by old ways of thinking. This old way of thinking has led our environment to its destruction, to solving differences through violence, to viewing those who are different as the enemy. If we can believe in our children we can teach our children to believe in themselves.


Our young have unlimited potential and when this is coupled with our guidance the sky is the limit to what they can achieve. Instead of treating them with contempt and writing them off as a lost cause we should be building them up and helping them find their wings.


With the day it is time for an evolution of our teaching methods, a moving away from the traditional class room and a moving towards catering for the individual needs of our children. Where children get more time to be out in nature learning from observing life’s greatest teacher. It is time to review the different models around the world and take that which works best to create well rounded, critical thinking, happy young adults who will be the future of the new world. The methods are already there and available we just have to look and have the courage to change the way we approach teaching.



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