June 22, 2020

Dreams play an important role in our awakening, the more awakened we become, the deeper the messages become. As we go through this process I recommend you have a note pad next to your bed or use your mobile phone, and when you dream start writing them down, also pay attention to the time and date. Before going to bed ask The Universe for guidance.


Just before I completely committed to finishing this book at the start of the year (2017) I had a dream that instilled in me a complete certainty of my destiny, and the biggest obstacle which was doubt was overcome. Until this moment despite the universe repeatedly reassuring me that this was my purpose, I still had a nagging doubt in my mind that I was just not good enough to do it, or that maybe I had just lost the plot, and was utterly insane.


As Suzy Kassem said “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” And the great Shakespeare “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”


Before going to sleep on this particular night I had asked the Angels for a sign that I was on the right path and they sure didn’t disappoint. This is the dream I had that made me so sure (it occurred the morning of the 06/01/17): -


I found myself stood in the entrance of a giant cave with my Mum and Dad by my side, when a big flock of birds swept down together in unison and lifted me off the ground and into flight. My Mum was very nervous and scared at first, but my Dad eased her mind. I felt a little fear and could feel their talons digging into me which felt a bit painful, but this soon gave way to a delight, and I began to really enjoy myself soaring high in the sky. They took me on a short flight around the area and I was loving it and felt a real connection to my bird friends. I was gazing out at the stunning scenic nature that surrounded us in wonder.


After this we landed back where we took off from and suddenly a pride of lions approached me, they were really friendly, and wanted strokes and love. They were literally licking my hands and I could feel it tickling. A very big and strong looking male lion, with a majestic mane approached, and started speaking to me, he said


“Wayne, I am part of an alien race, and we are ready to help you fulfil your destiny, you must believe in yourself.”


His words were so reassuring, and he spoke with such conviction, I felt like we had an incredibly deep bond, and I trusted his words implicitly.


I then awoke in amazement and exhilaration at the vividness of the dream, I was grinning as it had felt so real. I quickly grabbed my phone to write it down ,and the time was 4.44, and in that moment all doubt melted away. I knew this was my destiny.


This was the final push I needed to believe in myself, and in that moment I knew that this moment of you reading these words would unfold, and here we are, isn’t that just magical?


So my advice is to ask your guides to reach you in your dreams, to let you know that this path you are on is where your dreams come true.  


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