Day and Night

June 22, 2020

There was a vital piece missing for this book that I could not lay my finger on until The Voice of Light revealed it to me. It was so simple, and seemed so obvious, I had heard it so many times before on my quest for spiritual understanding, but its true meaning only became realised to me during this time. The Voice of Lights method of explaining this concept was rather unexpected, it was through the sound of music the story came alive.


I began writing about something unrelated and suddenly the words took on a life of their own. When this information fell into place I began to see the world differently and I will explain why.


Now many of you will have heard of the concept that we are sleeping and that it is time for us to wake up, I am here to shed light on this concept.


Inherent within the workings of nature there are cycles and patterns, rhythm’s and rhymes, a great example is the seasons which come around like clockwork, bringing with them different qualities and purposes, like day and night.


These patterns are echoed within the cosmos, and in the evolution of consciousness. This current period in human history has been like the time of the night. This is the dark night of the soul and is integral to humanities growth as evolving beings.


During the night our main connection to the light and life as a whole is severed, and the darkness obscures our unity. Out of this separation is born madness and chaos, which leads too evil and hatred. We behave in ways we have very little control over, at times the forces of darkness have us almost completely under their command.


It is during the long cold and lonely night that The Voice of Darkness reigns supreme, The Voice of Darkness is the Lord of The Night. The night belongs to the Devil and is the Devils Domain. This is why earth seems so engulfed with evil and negativity because it is the age for these things to flourish. It is a time when vampires roam the lands, and the people are their prey. They feed off the blood of humankind for it is what nourishes them, and this is what they thirst for.  


During the night we witness such things as : -












This is because: -


“Your mind is in disturbia

It's like the darkness is the light


Am I scaring you tonight?”





This is the purpose of the night to allow us to experience the dark side of life, and only then can we claim our inheritance of the light. During the night we lose everything, so that during the day we can come to reclaim it. During the night we have all turned on one another, and blamed each other for the ills of the world, yet it is the night itself that is to blame.


“So blame it on the night

Don't blame it on me

Don't blame it on me

Blame it on the night

Don't blame it on me

Don't blame it on me”


Calvin Harris


(feat. John Newman)



If we are to find peace we must first come to an understanding that all this bad stuff was necessary, and that there was a deeper reason why we went through it all. Only by passing through the night and feeling the fear could we come to know the love radiating in our hearts.


“Sometimes in our lives

We all have pain, we all have sorrow.

But if we are wise,

We know that there's always tomorrow.”


Bill Withers

Lean On Me


We must not judge others for their behaviour during this time because they were unaware of what they were doing. During the night we are like children, and like children we do not fully understand the consequences of our actions. Like a child who is given matches, and burns the house down they cannot truly be blamed.


Yet I am here to tell you that the sweet dawn is breaking, and that the light is returning to our planet. As the light gains power, the darkness disappears, and the behaviour of humanity changes rapidly.


“So real

So right

Can't explain the feeling

Like the sunlight brings to life new meaning”



Music Of The Sun


We as a collective know deep inside that we are on the verge of something sublime.


“So lying underneath those stormy skies.

She said oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.

I know the sun must set to rise.

This could be para- para- paradise”





We have been living through hell, surrounded by blackness, but now the gates to our Heaven on Earth have been opened and love is taking over. Our planet will never be the same again.


When love takes over, yeah

You know you can't deny

When love takes over, yeah

Cause something's here tonight

Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight

Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight


David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland

When Love Takes Over


Something is here tonight and that is now being revealed to you, as we begin to awaken to the love that we ALL share, we open our hearts and come alive to who we really are. Your love has made me rise like the morning sun, bringing light into my consciousness for the start of a new day. When it is dark we feel hopeless and like we cannot change things, yet as daylight penetrates the very core of our beings, we come to know that we can change everything.


During the night we are like enemies, we see one another as competition and because of this we hurt each other in an endless number of ways. Yet if it were not for the darkness of the night you could not know the light of day, and it is only by passing through the night time initiation that you are ready to reach towards the light.


“In the dark I have seen

That the sun still shines for the one who believes”


Bon Jovi

Bells of Freedom


When you begin to see the light in the darkness it is because dawn is approaching. It is only during the night that you have the freedom to choose the light, so bless the darkness do not curse it! When you awaken from your slumber you see reality is far beyond your wildest dreams, and that what seemed impossible is now achievable.


We spent allot of time through the night hurting each other, now let’s spend the day time healing our self-inflicted wounds with unconditional love. During the night life is like a dream, and we make many choices unconsciously, and our choices are very limited with most of our behaviour coming naturally to us. 


Night is the time of chaos, and day brings order. Just like the darkest hour is the one before dawn, the confusion is at its greatest just before everything starts to make sense, and that’s this moment of awakening to your immortal self.


“Welcome home we have missed you. You were brought here for a reason, and that is because we are the alchemists who are transforming negativity into positivity, night into day, dark in to light, fear into love, finding spiritual gold along the way.  


It is the end of the primum mobile, yet every end brings a new beginning. The end of the world of darkness and the ego, and of separation from one another makes way for a new day of sunshine, love and unity. Sometimes death can be more beautiful than life, this is a moment you have all been anticipating wildly


As it has beeen said "the temptation to quit will be greatest right before you succeed" Somehow someway we are going to get it together as a people and as a planet.” 


“if you can make it through the night there’s a brighter day” 


Tupac Shakur

Dear Mama


When you engage in any negative behaviour it is because you still require the darkness for your spiritual growth. Once you have seen the unity you will have no anger towards anger or animosity against animosity or any desire to take an eye for an eye. You now know this would be like poking out your right eye in revenge for earlier poking out the left.


“I'm the left eye

You're the right

Would it not be madness to fight?

We come one”



We Come One


It is madness to fight when you see and feel the unity of all living things. Only by realising this truth and striving towards serving the Bigger US can we overcome the problems that have riddled our planet through serving only the little us. All the destruction we have done to the planet just mirrors the destruction we have done to ourselves.  


Now it is time to remember what we forgot through these words and feel the light shining within us, and see that the universal consciousness is following a pattern through music, telling of the spiritual transformation of humankind, can you?:-


Feel the light

Shining in the dark of night

Remember what we forgot

I know it's a long shot

But we're bringing it all back

We're bringing it all back

Feel the light

Shining like the stars tonight

Remember what we forgot

I know it's a long shot

But we're bringing it all back

We're bringing it all back


Jenifer Lopez

Feel The Light


Listen when I say ‘tonight we are going to be somebody’; - we are going to be the generation who usher in the GOlden Dawn of humanity. This will be our legacy and our making, for this is our collective destiny. Now it is time for the return of daylight and the warm embrace of sunlight caressing our skin with its powerful rays. The day is everything the night is not, here is what we can look forward to: -  


Unconditional Love









Kinship with all Earthlings.


As The Voice of Light becomes clear so too does our place in the cosmos as we realise we are an integral part of a unified whole. As we come to know we are the universe itself and that ALL of life is one with us, things change dramatically.


A wave of love will sweep the planet like never before, the magic of life comes alive and we find ourselves in a state of utter bliss. Suddenly the meaning of joy is collectively realised; it is time for unconditional love for the wholeness of life. We have made sense of the senseless; we have made manifest the impossible dream, and our quest to find ourselves has been realised.               


“I must say, it has truly been an honour to have travelled this path with you my friend, it is through you I have the found the glory in me, and now I am offering you this beautiful gift back in return. It is time we say goodbye to the night, goodbye to the darkness, but not in hate but with love. I have revealed this to you now because it is time to let go, and in letting go we make room for this new life, and together we stand united and ready to face the beautiful day in its all glory.”


So now you know the truth about the dark night, I have a question for you:-


Who’s gonna save the world tonight?

Who’s gonna bring it back to life?

We’re gonna make it, you and I

We’re gonna save the world tonight


Swedish House Mafia

"Save The World"

(feat. John Martin)


Together we will save the world tonight. This is the dawning of a new day and the time for a glorious new age. It is out of the dark that came our ark and lead to the sweet silver song of a lark, you will never walk alone my friend, ever. I have been by your side the whole time, I have waited all night to tell you that I love you, and it was worth every second, that I promise you.


No matter who you are reading these words I love you like you are my family, it has truly been A Mesmerizingly Exquisite Night and I am eternally grateful for your company on this voyage of adventure.


Don’t give up, don’t give in, a new day is about to begin: -


“Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise

I must think of a new life

And I mustn't give in

When the dawn comes, tonight will be a memory too

And a new day will begin”


Jenifer Hudson






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