An Alternative Version of The Garden of Eden

June 22, 2020

In this chapter I am offering you an alternative version of The Garden Of Eden. I am doing this because through the night this particular story has laid a massive guilt trip on humans about how they disobeyed the will of God. It tells of how the original humans listened to the Devil and sinned by eating the Forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, so their eyes would be opened and they could know good and evil like God.


This lead to them being thrown out of paradise. Because they were the original humans and we are their offspring we are guilty by association. The only way we can get back to Heaven is by admitting our sinful nature, begging for forgiveness, and accepting Jesus as our one and only saviour.


This story was designed to makes us believe that we were inherently evil and sinful, and so we have behaved that way. It was meant to make us feel guilty, and like we have wronged God, it was made to look like we had upset God and now needed to beg him to forgive us. It was designed to make us think that Gods love is conditional and if we don’t meet those conditions that we will be punished with eternal damnation.


This has been a root cause of our dysfunctional relationship with God, which was a necessary part of the process of the night. You can only truly know God if you first become disconnected, you can only find the Love of God if you first lose it.


However this alternative version tells the story differently, Adam and Eve were created together in the Garden Of Eden, here they lived in utter paradise. It is a place of breath-taking beauty, sheer joy, love and happiness. Here they grew up as children of God, in a place of Great Light. Yet because this is all they had ever known, they had never known anything different, and so they had it ALL, but didn’t know what it ALL meant, and crucially what it meant to have each other.


So as they grew and reached the end of their childhood, God came to them and offered to show them a place where they could truly know the Whole of themselves. Eager to grow and learn Adam and Eve jumped at the chance. God warned them that this would mean the end of their innocence, that they would experience suffering, evil and darkness. God said to them that they would lose everything that they had, and most importantly that included each other.


Despite this, Adam and Eve were undeterred as they yearned to know the true glory of who they are and to know the love that they share. They knew this was all part of growing up, so they took the Forbidden fruit of Knowledge from God, and together they took a bite.


Suddenly for the first time they were separated from one another, and descended from the realm of the absolute and spirit, into the material world of polarity, and into a physical body. This is like being ripped from a warm duvet in the middle of the night and thrown out cold and naked into the streets.


They knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task, yet they could never have guessed just how hard it would be until they actually experienced it. Adam and Eve did not sin by eating the Forbidden fruit, but by doing so they did do evil things and had evil things done to them.


This was not a punishment but the key driver to their evolution, it is out of our comfort zones that we grow the most, and so by leaving the garden and coming to earth we have grown into our inherent Divinity.


As has already been said here "without the knowledge of good and evil, we could not know the good, and that is worse than evil." The true poison of the Forbidden of Knowledge is to see the glory of God, yet not be able to feel it. You can have the understanding of a beautiful symphony intellectually, yet until you have heard it with your own ears you cannot truly know it. 


The whole guilt trip, and the disobeying of God was an illusion created to serve you during the darkness. Yet now we can take our innocence back and see that yes we did bad things, but ultimately it was for the greater good. It is so difficult owning your dark side but when you do you will find your inner light.


You are no sinner, you are a winner, and you won by believing you had sinned, yet now you are free to be free of sin. For freedom from sin is where life really begins. Those who believe they are inherent sinners will inherently sin, those who believe there is no sin will commit no sin. Some may say believing yourself free of sin makes you lawless, yet I say to you "this is where you get your innocence back."


By going through this process we are filled with the light of God, and the experience of our dark side fuels us into the light. By having the choice of good and evil from the tree of knowledge we come to know who we were truly are…God.


Only by having the choice of the darkness could we choose the light, only by having the choice to do evil could we choose to do good, because without the choice for both, there is the choice for neither.


If we were forever obedient children of God then we would learn nothing, we could not grow. Eating the Forbidden fruit was not something to feel guilty about, God knew we would do it because he made us to do so, this was because only by understanding who we were not, could we actually truly understand who we are. 


Even the Devil doesn’t want us not to know who we truly are, so why would God? Why would God not allow us to have the choice to be Free? Free to make the choice? If I give you a choice to do two things, and the result of one of them is eternal punishment, that is not a choice, it is a threat, a command.


Unless you are free to choose to suffer, you can never be free from suffering, and this is why we go through what we do, by knowing all this bad stuff we can know the good. Is pain not worth experiencing joy? Fear not worth feeling Love? Not having a clue you are God worth truly knowing you are God? Absolutely, and that is why we do it you and I.


I don’t hate the Devil, I love the Devil, because the Devil allowed me to know God and God I love more than anyone because GOD IS EVERYONE. Now the Devil has provided us with the essential catalyst, it is time for him to retire and take a back seat whilst God returns and we attain unity consciousness.


The Devil provided the perfect catylist by providing the darkness and the evil after Adam and Eve choose to eat the Forbidden fruit. It is a great time to be alive as we are released from the darkness. Let’s give thanks for the experience and use the precious lesson it gave us, and that is by overcoming it and experiencing the joy of unconditional love for the Whole of Life.


The Devil cannot retire until we retire from the need for the Devil, we can only do this by accepting his purpose in the balance of creation, and the need for choice. When we do this we can let go and so can the Devil. It is called facing your fears, and when you do you will realise, there is nothing to fear.


The Devil is ultimately just God in her greatest disguise, yet by finding him here you truly know what is to find God.


When Adam and Eve ate the Forbidden fruit they descended into the world of chaos, all they had ever known was being together. They had spent they’re whole existence in each other’s company. They were part of the same entity, literally together as ONE unified being.


Yet because this is all they had ever known, they knew that in order to truly understand the value of what they had, they had to separate through the night and experience life without each other. This led them to experiencing great pain and suffering, but through it all they remembered the oath they took to each other before it all began. They swore that they would remain friends no matter what happened, and make it to the end of the night when the sun would shine again and they could be reunited.


"When the sun shine, we shine together."




Featuring JAY-Z


Because these two began life as One being they are what is called Twin Flames, we may have many soul mates but only one Twin Flame. As it has been said before “One must become two, if two are to know themselves as One.” By coming apart, the priceless value of being together as One is revealed. If you never separate it turns something priceless into something worthless, it is the ONLY way.


When the sun shines again Adam and Eve come back together with the unifying of the opposites. They’re love is reignited, and helps ignite the whole world to usher in the new dawn. This is the coming together of Man and Woman, as friends and equal opposites on a Global level.


In the new day a great mutual respect is found between the opposite sexes which puts an end to the inequality of the night. The worth of both sexes is valued equally for their different beautiful shades and qualities they bring to the whole. We complement one another perfectly, and we should value that because our diversity brings us strength and brings us together to create harmony. When we honour one another and our many nuances we are honouring ourselves.


A message for Eve from Adam


Eve has been given a bad name but I am here to put this right. The truth about Eve is that sometimes a good girl must go bad or you could never know her at all. She may have been bad through the night but she was perfectly good at it. To see beauty in the bad is to cherish and treasure the good…if you don’t love her all through the night then you don’t love her at all. 


She may be the beauty or the beast

May be the famine or the feast

May turn each day into a heaven

Or a hell


Charles Aznavour



Eve you never sinned and so you are right to be unapologetic, I know you feel this way because I do too. In a hopeless place we did what we needed to do in order to find love and we found love where we least expected it. We are like day and night finding eternal kinship together as One. I love you completely, your dark side included, because even there I see your light and beauty like a clear, moonlit, star filled sky on a cold, and dark winters night.




No matter how dark things became through the night you will always be my 'Little Miss Sunshine' and I am here to give you that sunshine back because I know you have been missing it.


Here comes your warrior

He's letting you know

Your sun will come shine now

Your sun will come shining

Here comes your warrior

He's letting you know

Your sun will come shine now

He's come to embrace you



The Warrior 


I’m bringing it back to you, and I know that this will make sense because this is what you have been searching for your whole life. These words were carefully crafted to speak directly to your heart.


I would have crawled over broken glass for you, and that’s what it felt like without you in my life, it was like I was living in a world with no air. Yet that is what it took to truly know you now in this magical moment. I would do it all over again for you, for us, and that is why I ate the Forbidden fruit with you and revealed my ugly side. I did it so that you would know ALL of me. I would do anything to make you feel my Love. I know you will not hold my past against me because you have ridden the same choppy waves in the wild oceans of the night.


The only way we could know the good was to also know the evil, and now we can truly live in love, peace and harmony, and know what that really means. The only way we could truly know each other was by spending such a long time apart, and this was so difficult because you are a part of me. I cannot put into words the feelings I have navigated through, but I don’t need too because in you I have someone who truly understands.


You can only know the glory of being back in the Garden if you first leave. You can only be whole if you have also felt being less than whole. This is the reason why you held on through the night, the only way to make the hole within you go is to become Whole. You can only do this by accepting why you had to experience that hole to begin with.


Everything happens by purpose and no thing happens by chance, and I believe you are now seeing this too.


I believe in you

You know the door to my very soul

You're the light in my deepest, darkest hour

You're my saviour when I fall


The Bee Gees 

How Deep Is Your Love


There is no one else I would rather share this magical morning with than you, holding you close to me in my arms, watching the sunrise on your beautiful face. The hardest part was letting you go, but I did it safe in the knowledge that against all odds we would come back together again come dawn. Together we have relentlessly risen to the challenge; tonight you have erased my fears and will be my homey till the very end.


I'm coming right now to be close to you, you are not on your own in this mad world anymore. Life has such a beautiful and crazy design, and now here we are, together again.  I am baring my soul and showing you my scars right now, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing, all that pain and suffering has been worth it to know you once again. Each and every moment has been so preciously priceless; this is such an amazing day of pure perfection.


This is what it takes for us to come alive and I know you can’t deny it with the way you are feeling right now. You don’t have to let go anymore, our time has come. It is time to emerge from the shadows and show the world our resplendent luminosity.


The wait is ova, all across the land dawns a brand new morn, this is the birthing of a new day and a different way. We are the children of the new dawn, and in us a majestic power is born. I see the beauty of the world reflecting in your eyes, and a love radiating within you that is awe inspiring. With you I am in heaven, my perfect number se7en.


You have given me purpose in every way, and that is why with you I shall always stay. Through the musical vibrations of love your song found me in the swirling chaos, hitting me like a ray of sunshine in my darkest hour. I heard your magical music of the sun and I was awakened in wonder. It was like gold dust coming through my speakers, you brought me round and I was found. I really loved your sound, it soothed my soul, and I was moved to write to you.


Eve you are my twin flame, the one who was made for me like night was for day, you are my equal, and the only girl in the world for me. You’re the only one I see, and now I know you will believe, for in my eyes you shall see the life inside of me. I am the Sun to your Moon, within me is the energy of sunrays and with this I can unlock the secret treasures in your heart. Together we can illuminate the world with our Love, a beautiful gift from the stars above.


With your hand back in mine, we have found love in a hopeless place, looking our fears right in the face. Together we realised, where there is love there is always hope. Love is the trump card in ALL of this, The Ace of Spades, the journey back to being One.


Love is our only weapon but do not fear for Love conquers All. The power of Love is ALL powerful. Once it has embraced you with its warm glow there is no turning back, because once you have love on the brain things will never be the same. It is the feeling that you have always been searching for, the one that had you longing for more. 


There's no escape from love

Once a gentle breeze

Weaves it's spell upon your heart


LeAnn Rhymes

Can't Fight the Moonlight


So my Angel are you ready to begin a new day with me by your side? There is gold at the end of this epic journey, a transformation is underway, and a new beginning is here. Soon the world is going to know who you are.


It is through hardship that we have reached the stars. Without the dark night we never would have seen the majestic light of the stars and longed to return to them. It is overcoming the struggle that makes this what it is, the struggle is a blessing dressed as a curse.


At times I felt like giving up, but I knew you would never give up on me and we are One so how could I ever give up on you? In you I see reflected the best of me; you make me a better man every day, in your presence I am back home in paradise.


I could be living in a cardboard box but with you by my side it would be a palace. You make the world feel so right because you have the power to make the darkness bright, girl you are my destiny because you bring out the best in me.


For that I will do all I can to serve you the best I can as my equal opposite, giving you respect and appreciation, trust and loyalty, love and a friend till the end. It is your friendship that I value the most, our friendship was forged by the Divine Hand, it is our greatest treasure, built with the deepest love and purity. 


When we are back together we are like glittering diamonds in the velvet sky you and I, flying high with Lucy by our SiDe. From here we can see the changing tides and together we come alive, now it is our time to thrive.


Eve, I thank you so much for all that you have done for me through the night. By being a big girl and letting me go (which broke your heart) you allowed me to grow on my own and become the person I always knew I could be, one that was so right for a girl like you. 


I will treasure for eternity your strength and will to endure the torment I know you have been through to make it back to me. We are both scarred and bruised, at times dealt a hard hand but together our hearts will heal. 


Our coming together will defy logic because true love is logic defying, with a love like ours not even gravity could hold us down. It’s going to be a bright sunshiny day and one to treasure for the rest of our lives. We are becoming loves personification you and I, I have fallen for you in a big way heading into the new day. You have shown me how to fly, and for you my love will never ever die.


This is my message of love to you entwined with music of the soul; this has been the lights medium for expressing the inexpressible to me in a way I could understand and bring back to you. Our love is written in the stars, so don’t you worry about the morning, because this is who we are, it is our destiny!


Now let’s unfold our love and let it grow like a flower, the scent of our love is enticingly enchanting; we shall pollinate the world with our blossoming love.


During the cold and lonely night I wanted you more than anything, yet you were the last thing I needed. Like a child I had to learn I can’t always have what I want but I will always get what I need. Yet now in this moment you have shown me the meaning of success. True success is finding true love and our love is as true as it gets. By coming apart, we got what we needed because it meant we could be here now coming back together again.


Without that coming apart there is no flavour, no taste, no smell, no colour, no texture, no true feeling to the love we share, and that is a travesty I am unwilling to endure. It is the friction that leads to the bliss of the orgasm, it is coming apart and back together that leads to this moment of joyous union.  It is now we are coming in from the cold. I would always let you go if it means I can know you for who you are, and I would have it no other way. You are beautiful and I want to see you for ALL that you are, and you have shown me that tonight. There is not one part of you that I am not truly madly deeply in love with. 


I know that I really hurt you, but I had to because it was the only way you could grow. We had to experience the night and the pain that comes with it, remember deep down inside you know this is true, for what is love without tragedy? When I am my true self I would never hurt you, but I can’t be Jekyll if I’m never Hyde. To hurt you is to hurt the part of me that matters the most, but hurting someone because you love them is the way it is when our minds are lost in the Disturbia of the night.


I would say that I’m sorry but I’m not because it has led me back to you, and that is the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for. I’ve been everywhere looking for someone who can love me all night long, and there you were in the last place I could have envisioned. You were so well disguised that we appeared to be worlds apart, even if you may have said otherwise.


You are the kinda girl boys read about in magazines, glossy magazines, yet with you I only need one shot because I will always be your star, and through this message I will begin to show you why.


My armour may have rusted in the rain finding you again, and I may be in need of a brand new coat of paint, yet the love in my heart for you has only grown stronger with each step of the way. Today is the day that good things are going to flow our way. Love is like a wave and this is the feeling we have so craved. 


Within every tear drop of pain we have shed on our journey back to unity there was hidden the beauty of a waterfall. In the darkness some of our greatest gifts come from the most pain. Now the blindfold has been lifted and I can see again, A Magical Enlightenment Nears as I glimpse your inner beauty shining on me majestically through the darkness. You are my mirror and with you looking back at me I am free in the moment.


I had to learn to live without you in order to know the true value of living with you. Through your absence the fondness in my heart for you has grown into something special that reflects your true worth in my life.


Watching you blossom from afar into who you have become has taken my breath away, and I knew I had made the right choice in letting you find yourself without me in your life. The more you be yourself the greater the respect I have for you becomes. 


Yet now it is time to be back together on the same side so we can shine bright and bring an end to the night. We are the light and now the time is right, as a team we can reign supreme, in a world of our own creation we can bring liberation.


We will find freedom with our returning to the Garden of Eden with the changing of the season. Seasons may change, but we will always arrange, to never be apart, because we share One heart. This is why we always come back to one another, because there is no other. You are a true friend who can help mend me in the end.


You held me in the deepest darkest depths of my despair and now my heart you have repaired, I am walking on air without a care. I know everything will be alright because we can trust the light. I see in you through and through someone who is full of light and who gave me back my sight. You have filled my words with the might of daylight. and now I’m bringing insight into the turbulent times of the night.


These words express my inner feelings about how you have got me believing. I love telling you how you make me feel because your love feels so real. You are an Angel sent from above to help lift me up, in your arms I am so peaceful and calm. Your love is so pure it opened up the door, I found paradise and it felt so nice, I didn’t have to think twice, I would pay any price.


To be with you I am so blessed, I feel at my best. Life has been testing, but I am not resting, now in your heart I am nesting. Home is where the heart is, and with this art I will make a start in showing you how special you are, like a shooting star, you can take me so very far. You were the one who granted me a wish, and I wished for you, now all my dreams have come true, and I am in bliss, this is a state not to be missed. 


Now you have reappeared to be here with me so we can see all of the lights, and reveal everything tonight. We are going all the way this time and I know you hear it in this rhyme. The great revealing is so appealing; we are here to help show the way to the children of the new day, it is time to give the people a say.


You are so Divine with the light of love you shine, with such grace and oh that beautiful face. When it comes to style you always go the extra mile, an innovator and a demonstrator you rise above dem haters. In the chaos we found one another through sound and now we have been crowned.


Your music is so sick it’s terrific, so ill it gave me chills. I am thrilled to spill these words and rhymes letting you know your love is mine. Girl you are so fine you turn the water into wine, when I’m around you I lose all track and sense of time. 


Wherever you are I will find that treasure with perfect measure, it’s what I live for it brings me pleasure. So with these words know that I am coming for you out of the blue. Like an owl in the night I am focussed on your light, in I will swoop to pull you out of that coop.


We strived to make it out of this place alive in one piece trying to avoid the thought police. We were no stranger to danger, always alert to the hurt, yet we faced it with no fear and now I whisper in your ear, “you are my hero and my biggest inspiration; with you I changed the station.”


Now in this situation let’s do some meditation in relation to bringing the world peace and a release of the hurt and pain, to erase the irremovable stain. We must not wane but rise and take our share of the blame if we are to take the prize. Life is for living, I live to give and giving to you is what gets me through. 


These words were drawn together with you in mind; it is my gift, to help heal our rift. Simply put, “when we are together like birds of a feather, the world is a better place; for you put a smile upon my face.” I’m glad I have such good taste, now there is no time to waste; with you by my side I will take it all in my stride. I will not hide, I will rise.


It can’t be faked now I am awake; I rate you so high because it is wise too. You and I will always get by, yeah when we ride the whole world gets high. This ain’t no lie, it is beyond a reason why, you and I will ride till we die. I know you are feeling this vibe girl, cos its blowing your mind girl. This is why there are none who will not succumb to a love that soars like a dove in the sky high above. A symbol of peace has come and now it is time to become One.


Our love is so raw and fresh that we pass with flying colours whatever the test. Together forever whatever the weather, come rain or shine we will always dine on our light that forever glows all through the night. Now let’s hit the lights and right the wrongs of the night. We can make this place paradise, its time be nice and not think twice, let’s make this a better life. It starts here and now with me and you, you and I, now let’s show the world a love that will never die.


These are my deepest truest thoughts because they are about you; our love is deeper than a sea of infinity, vaster than the endless oceans of space, and beyond the boundaries of time itself. Our flame burns eternally. I am saying it here and now making it as clear for you as the light of day in a way you may know and understand that we have been brought together by the hidden hand. This is much bigger than us but we have a big part to play, as the night turns to day. 


I have been patiently waiting my turn, putting in the work and taking my time figuring you out. Yet as “Confucius” said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Writing these words for you is a joy and I mean that from the bottom of my grateful heart. You are a masterpiece of masterpieces and I could spend forever gazing into the beauty of your soul.


Your lightning it hit me between the eyes and I have never felt so alive, until that moment I was just another passer-by. You are the reason why I am floating so high above the world; you are my girl, the only one in the world. You gave me my power, and now I will shower you in gifts so Divine they shine and sparkle, all wrapped up in a glittering parcel. A present to share with you in this moment, so momentous it’s endless, now you have me you will never be friendless.  


In the dark of the night I may have just been a face in the crowd, but to you I will always stand out because of my light shining like the morning sun. You are the one who sees it the most brightly because it is your own light reflecting back to you. What you have done for me burns in my heart and drives me on through the night back to you.


My destiny – ation is in sight, do you hear me? Can you see me? I know you know me. This is my language that you have been waiting to hear all this time and these are my secrets you have been waiting for. Will they ever believe that I loved you before I met you? You are my muse and because of you the love flows through me with such ease. You have thawed my cold heart right from the start and that sets you apart from the rest, for me you are simply the best. 


There is so much I cannot do, but loving you I can do better than anyone else in the whole wide world. I know you could never settle for second best because you are just not that kind of girl. That’s why I’m here with you right now, I’m here to give you what deserve, what you are entitled too…my love. It was made especially for you, and now I’m telling you straight my world became great in 88 the year that sealed my fate. There was born a true mate who was simply top rate, and now because of her I can no longer hate, and I find myself walking through the door of room number 8. I found the key when I heard her sing to me.   


Nobody does it better than me because this is what I was born to do, like a fish is born to swim and a bird is born to fly, I was born to love you. We all want love because love is all we need; I will show you love is who you are. I’m going to give you something you’ve never had; I would never let you get to the end of your days without being amazed. You are amazing and a Queen, a Divine spark and that is how I will treat you. You have so many intricate layers it would take a genius an eternity to fully understand the magnitude of your beautiful magnificence.


You bring me inspiration through your perspiration, we will inspire a generation to create a new world, are you ready to discover tomorrow?


You are pure gold, I don’t need to be told, because you are so bold. Now I will hold you in my arms and tell you that "I love you" because it is the number one thing I want to do. I have trained and shall not wane, I can take the pain, even if you do pitch with a grenade. I will still serenade you with my song and how can it be wrong when it feels so right, my One true delight?


The bitter is sweet when I know it leads to you, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to be with you. Even if that means I have to first let you go so that you can grow, in the end I will show you what you mean, and that we were made to be on the same team.


When we come together dreams come true and solutions manifest out of the blue, this is the wonder of you and together we shall see this through. I know we can do it, this is our moment, to unite, end fright, turn night to dawn, and lead our people into the morn. With you I am so strong because you have made me feel I belong, we have a bond that is like a magic wand, and when we come back together we unleash the power of forever. 


The Universe is so clever and wise, now we are again alive, born again the eternal friends, we can bend time and space as we inherit our place. We have become The Cosmos and melted the frost on our hearts, and now we can have a fresh start.


I’m talking that talk to you, showing you I can do the walk, so don’t outline me with chalk. Don’t frown I will show you I have what it takes to go down town with a girl like you. You will not have to fake it, because this is the real thing, and completely genuine. I’m no great mathematician but it’s easy to see we make the perfect equation, and that in each other we have found a safe haven. We have a winning formula that sounds like an orchestra and looks as stunning as a nebula. 


I will always do my best for you and through my actions you shall this is true, I would bleed to show you that I believe in you, in us, and in that you can trust. I would walk through fire if that was your desire, I would burn if it meant I could learn to love you better, and my scars will show you this is not just letters.


I would jump into a tank full of sharks blind in the dark, just so I could leave my mark on your heart. The stark truth is you only get one chance at a first impression, so let’s make this a session, take a trip down memory lane with Mary Jane. We can get high; and I will let you know all the reasons why I ought to be with a girl like you, and then you will see, that we were meant to be because: -


Like a river flows

Surely to the sea

Darling, so it goes

Some things are meant to be


Elvis Presley

"Can't Help Falling In Love"


There are too few words to express the utter zest this moment can bring. To hear you sing is so captivating, you have me levitating, and stating all that I have been deeply contemplating. Resentment gives way to contentment, my pain is slain, and I become free of blame, I ask my dear do you feel the same?


I was never one to rhyme until the time you came into my life, I found you so mesmerising that I had to start rhyming and now my words flow to show you that I know who you are, more than just a superstar, you have the ability to heal scars. Your love can lift the world above, heal the unhealable rift, and help create a paradigm shift.


You clear the black mist in people’s hearts through your art, and that is just the start. You make the grass look greener, the air taste supreme, the sky is light blue when I’m with you. The world smells like a red rose in bloom when I’m in your presence, and when I don’t have it I feel like I’m missing my blessings. I am not messing just addressing what had to be said, so I can sleep soundly in my bed.


Together we have the power of magic, and if we didn’t use it now that would be tragic, when we are One we shine bright like the Sun. Now this has begun, I will show you that its only with me you can win, we were made for one another like bread and butter. I can see you grinning girl, what does it feel like to be winning? 


I came to win, to fight

To conquer, to thrive

I came to win, to survive

To prosper, to rise

To fly

To fly



Nicki Minaj

Featuring Rihanna


Your message was so great yet at times attracted such hate, you were misunderstood, and didn’t get the credit you should, yet I understand and can’t wait to feel your soft hands. Don’t be mad, or get sad, I am here so have no fear, I will help steer you to me and we can help set the world free. “Let it be” said McCartney, and so shall it be, you will find your way back to me when the time is right, at the end of the night. 


It is in the name of love that I shall testify and scream in the holy light, I can feel it coming in the air tonight, now I have you firmly in my sites. I am coming your way and looking forward to what you have to say, just be brave and stave off the doubt, and when tempted by fate I know you won’t hesitate. This is the time for the time of your life, just be yourself and you will have to do nothing else.


The perfect door has opened and now together we shall walk through, I only want to do this with you. Look into my eyes they do not lie, see my aura and you will not be surer. There is so much more in store as we share our lore. 


We shall face the day together as promised when we took our oath and both shall not surrender our friendship because of any hardships. Our ship is sailing in, and now it is time to begin to let each other in. I am committed to you and will do all I can to help get us through.


Life’s technique of bringing us back together is exquisite, singing and dancing, creating a chance for true romancing. Through the gift of separation, we have performed a successful operation, and together we come alive to help heal a nation. We shall help end war and the mass larceny of the poor, and stop pretending it doesn’t need mending.


Together we will have the power to reach the masses and help awaken them by showering them with light, and through the power of our love help heal the wound that runs deep beneath the surface, shining light on the worst of it. Only when people are lost in the night do they do bad things, and you will see this rings true as day breaks and we stop with the hate.


The temptations of the night are so strong yet as it turns bright we revel in delight; we are in elation as we reach our destination. This will be a collective revelation, a peaceful revolution, leading to a solution. We overcome fear and doubt and make a roundabout turn as we learn the ways of the day. It is a new time, with a different rhyme, I hope this is chiming and it is the right timing, and that you are now realising, that love is the way as night turns to day.


We can help change the world, I never would have believed had I not seen me in you. In that moment things changed and I had faith in a miracle, to be able to acknowledge we were One meant believing in myself, because I could not fail to believe in you. These words are just the tip of the ice berg in showing you the truth, it is so complex yet so simple, but what it comes down to is this “love is the meaning of life, and you are the love of my life.” 


Make no mistake I would not hesitate to wait as long as it takes, waiting for you is worth any amount of time, because our love transcends physical reality. You are part of my entity, space may separate us but like two twin particles split we are connected beyond time and space. Now our paths are merging once again at this juncture in time and space, and our destiny is intertwined and interconnected. What we are doing here is unique and a blessing to be a part of, and as you know this is not something you just take it is given. This is a wonderful gift, and for you I have wrapped it in a pretty ribbon, my rocking robyn.


I thank you for choosing to be with me Eve, it is a great honour and now I can see and I am free to be myself, I step off the shelf and reveal myself to you. I will not let you down, I will be around, I will offer what it is you desire from me completely free of judgement and condemnation in any situation, and that is no exaggeration.


Together we can be so peachy, I don’t mean to sound preachy, but no matter what I love you completely.  Some may say this is all a bit cheesy, but I am easy because you make life feel so breezy. I’m just being honest my G and being me, because it’s the only way I can be free, and I know you can understand as you have given others this same helping hand.


I’m getting it off my chest, making my moves like I’m playing chess, careful, considered and right here in black and white written for you at the end of the night. I am showing you my hand, and where it is that we stand, as the sands of time unify us in rhyme. I’m doing what feels right, and it has taken all my might and courage, I could look like a crazy fool, but for you that is something I am willing to do. 


They may laugh but I will keep my head held high like a giraffe, I may be small but I will stand tall because I have nothing to hide and now is not the time to be shy. I have spent years preparing for this, I have made my move, and now I am in my grove, in the flow, and starting to show.


Who knows where this could lead, we can push new boundaries, and create endless possibilities, as we unify the dualities. Opposites come together leading to better weather, as we endeavour to deliver more than just a slither of love and light, as we shine bright ending the night. This is tight alright, what a gift this sight will be, seeing the oppressed set free. 


You are here with me I feel it in these words because they are partly coming from you, you will see that we have esp my fellow yellow diamond, my words will mellow and soothe. The smooth sound of waves gently lapping the shore leaving you wanting more.


I feel your pain from being out in the rain, you sheltered me with your umbrella and well that was just stellar, ella, ella. Hats off to you, you truly pulled through when I needed you the most. How could I want anyone else when you are the one who gave me the Sun? 


You called me out and asked me to show you something, so now I am showing you something out of the ordinary, just like you. Move closer so I can tell you “that to me you are priceless beyond precious, inconceivably irreplaceable, the staple of my life I was missing like a chef without a kitchen. What’s cooking smells so good, I have found the missing ingredient, and it tastes like my dreams have come true, for it is the taste of you.”


Meeting you was a life changing experience, I have been rearranged and no longer feel estranged. Now let’s have some fun and dance to the music of the sun, feeling our bodies moving united as one. Let’s not be glum, we can help lift people out of the slums, and put an end to hungry tums. 


Eve The Disciples foretold that I’d be back by daylight and here I am through these words letting you in on all of my secrets, I am opening up your eyes to who really are. You are simply too amazing not to light up the world with your Light, when you are awakened you have the ability to change the world because you are the type of woman who the world looks to. I can feel you looking at me and this is my message for you.


Eve I can see you transforming, being reborn and becoming new again, powerful, becoming yourself and who you really are inside. You are becoming like the goddess Isis and have so much wisdom within that you will come to realise with your awakening. Eve you are here to help lead a spiritual revolution didn’t you see it in your Diary?! People listen to you because you are engaging, captivating, and charismatic. You have been given Divine gifts and I look forward to seeing them blossom alongside you with the return of the Sun Shine.


These words are the sign you have been looking for. Remember I was never hiding from you I was just waiting to be discovered, like a diamond in the dirt, and now you can see I have always been with you, in ALL ways. I will always stand by you, and even if the sky were to fall I would have no fear with you by my side. We have a bond that is unbreakable and I have in you a faith that is unshakeable.


When I saw you again it was like gazing on an oasis whilst lost and alone in the desert, dehydrated and close to death, your water brought me back to life and because of you I found my way back home to your heart. Destiny has brought us together at just the perfect moment and that is why I know you are with me, that is why I know these words have found you against impossible odds.


Oh when the sunshine beckons to ya

And your wings begin to unfold

the thoughts you bring and the songs you sing

are gonna keep me from the cold



"She Is Love"


You are my songbird and because of you I am no longer crying my heart out. You are my destiny that kept me warm through the cold dark night, now let there be love. To me you are not just anyone but The One.


And when the night is cloudy

There is still a light that shines on me

Shine on until tomorrow, let it be

I wake up to the sound of music,

Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be


The Beatles

“Let it Be”


I woke up to the beautiful sound of your song and what you have done for me has changed my life and will echo on forever after into eternity. Your words of wisdom have gotten me through my darkest moments and back to you, on a journey that not even the most insane could have envisaged.


Now it is my turn, and I am ready to serve you with ALL that I’ve got.


I never knew I had a dream

Until that dream was you

When I look into your eyes

The sky's a different blue


Bon Jovi

Thank you for loving me


The moment I gazed into your pretty green eyes night became day, and my dreams became reality. Now you will never have to be alone for your lover has come home.


In your love I have realised the true meaning of perfection.


You have said everything without having to say anything. 


We may have been thousands of miles apart but there was never any distance between our love, our hearts or our minds.


I am going to kiss it better because I can kiss away your pain tonight, we can be two rebels sharing in our delight. 


People really enjoy a good love story and ours will be one of the finest ever told. What we have found is the impossible made possible, proving truth really is stranger than fiction.


You will always be a Queen to me.


With All my love now and forever,







This is a message that shows the true reason why Adam and Eve did what they did, the same reason we all do what we do, and that is Love. Love is the most magnificent feeling in the world and we would all put ourselves through hell to feel it. Yet the time for that is now coming to an end and as we feel the light we solve problems at their root cause and no longer endlessly fight the symptoms.


The time for pain and hurt is over, all violence is self-harm, and is a sign of a deeper problem within society. As we embrace unity we become healers and we will heal the world with our love. Like Adam and Eve as opposites we will come together, and unify the polarities to bring harmony.


Adam and Eve represent a microcosm of what’s happening in the macrocosm, they’re coming together is our coming together, our coming together is The Universes coming together. They represent the celestial coming together of Man and Woman in a new unified world.


We will marry night and day, the light and dark within, and shed our fear like a coat we have outgrown. Together we will tailor a new way as night turns to day. When Adam and Eve reunite it is because the time for day break has arrived. The morning bells ring, the lark sings, as the black bird speaks, it means "morning has broken” now it is time to fix the unfixable, to put right the unrightable wrongs. 


We are the children of the new dawn, do not underestimate our power to bring powerful change to the world around us. As we become aware of new information, we are presented with new choices with how to live our lives. We decide what we value more happiness or material profit, joy, peace, cohesion, harmony, respect, dignity; this is the wealth of the day time. Belonging to something bigger than ourselves that we can all work together to improve. The night has given us the perfect tools with which to shape our destiny of creating our own paradise, our own Garden of Eden to call home.


We were not thrown out of the garden because we did bad, we left voluntarily because we were in paradise but paradise is all we had ever known so it meant nothing to us. The only way we could know the glory of the garden was by leaving, in order to experience the light you have to give back to the universe and go through the dark. Unless you make sacrifices you can’t get no satisfaction. The two of them are a package deal, it is both or none. I say to you this:-


The night time is the other side of love, our love is written in the scars that we bare, the price we pay for what we share. Pain hurts, fear is terrifying but a life devoid of you is meaningless, I would rather feel the pain of missing you than feel nothing at all.


I found meaning in the meaningless, a sublime order behind the chaos, the perfection in the imperfection, the beauty in the beast when I found you. You represent what’s true, we will come one to stun the world with what we have found, worth more than mere pounds, your presence to me is priceless


It is only now that we are awakening that the true value of all this pain is becoming realised, we are going to use this darkness to create a light so bright it will enlighten the world. With all the darkness we have experienced we will have a fuel so powerful it will drive us to accomplishing our wildest dreams.


Each and every one of us showed incredible bravery and courage to come here at this time. Even though the potential for spiritual growth is unlimited, it can be a harsh and hellish place to be during the harrowing lows of life. You are all heroes to me, and in you I see a light that glows inspiring me to grow.


Life can be so tough but true spiritual growth can only come when we sometimes experience things we don’t want to. This is a painful space to occupy and can bring you torture, but within you there a Divine power that is pure Love and Light, this is where you will be healed. You must seek it to find it, it does not hide it just needs to be heard. It said to me: -


“Wayne, life is a choice and each and every one of you choose to come here. You are all willing participants, from a higher level you know this is all just part of the plan to aid the evolution of consciousness. This is all about a mass awakening which is one of the most magical times to be alive. Sometimes you have do what you don’t want to do, to be able to do what you do want to do, and sometimes to be who you truly are, you must be who you are not. To harness the power of unity you have to feel the impotence of being divided. Here right now in this moment is the greatest opportunity of your life unfolding before your very eyes, grip it, squeeze it and let its sweet succulent juices run down your throat.


These moments are rare and alluring like diamonds which makes them so very precious, a present fit for a true seeker of truth willing to endure the toiling pressure of the darkness. When the people of your world see themselves like I see them there shall be peace and love for ALL. Once you have felt my love within you again life changes because what you want out of life changes. The sunlight has opened your eyes and love has opened your heart."


It is time to change the station on our planet from one of darkness to one of light, from one of fear to one of love. I can’t do it on my own so I ask you to join me, you are my team mate and it’s time for the biggest game of our lives. It is our toughest game ever, but win and we take home the title.  Our opponents are tough and deadly, skilled and chilled to the core, but fear not for we are invincible if we just stick together. There is strength in numbers, and make no mistake, love has the power to overpower hate.


I believe in you, now let’s get out there and show the world we are ready for this, that this is our defining moment; you cannot become a champion if there is no championship. You cannot rise to the challenge without a challenger. There is no super hero without a super villain.


When you have lost a thousand times, it feels a thousand times better when you win.


Victory is so close you can taste it, now is not the time to quit, it is our time to thrive and give it everything we have to fulfil our destinies.  It is our time to rebel against the darkness by shining our light, time to overcome fear with our love.


it's more than a feeling

we're building a dream that we've always had clear in our sights

watch it ignite as we open our eye

it's the one way we know to survive

we're powerfully changing the world

we're reclaiming our unity

they can't divide

they push us around

but we're tearing it down

and we're having the time of our life


DJ Fresh

(feat. Sian Evans)



It is not a question if you have what it takes; but in taking the gifts you have been given and using them. I know you will because you were made for this. The infinite intelligence of the cosmos created you perfectly to manifest this awakening here on this planet at this epoch in the human journey. You have been given all that you need throughout your life to prepare you for this moment, you will do this because this is what inspires and drives you as the children of the new dawn. Why else would be reading these words right now if you were not ready for this? Why would you have made it this far if there was not a spark within you now igniting?


You are the children of the new dawn, so have no fear because: -


We protect the children of this new dawn

We're properly skilled and we fear no storm

And what we're building will persevere long

After the wicked men disappear





We fear no storm because we know at the end of the storm awaiting us there is a golden sky in all its glory. This is our time because the time is now, everything can change in a moment when your consciousness changes.


We will be a generation that becomes Iconic, legendary, this is going to be humanities crowning moment. This has been a team effort of all those who came before us and all those who are alive now working together to create this opportunity that is staring us in the eyes. We have collectively walked the dark night of the soul to find the key to paradise at the end. Now we can create a glorious new beginning in our collective journey, if we just open the door and walk through.


We are the seed of the new breed

We'll succeed, our time has come

We are the new

These words are true

Let the light of love shine through


East 17

It’s alright


What we create here will shape the future evolution of humanity, the world we create for our future generations will allow them to flourish to their full potential. Free from fear and embraced by love they will create wonders beyond our imaginings. We are the ones who will take our freedom back. During the night our lives have been carefully controlled to keep us in a narrower perspective. This has been done to serve our evolution; you cannot reach the day time until you are ready.


It is a process that requires one to experience what it is to be a separate fragment in a hostile world all competing against one another, In order to become a fully conscious individuated part of the whole working in harmony. Chaos is the perfect preparation for creating order and a new world. It is only in the darkness that we become illuminated and by being blind that we can know what it is to see. Peace, love, harmony and joy are here for the taking if you can just let go of the pain of the night. By finding purpose, we can live with purpose.


Letting go of the pain of the past in order to create a future free of fear is a great task but by doing so we can move past our limitations. By unifying Heaven and Earth we can create Heaven on Earth. To manifest Heaven on Earth we must first find The Kingdom of Heaven Within. When we believe The Kingdom of Heaven lies outside of ourselves we will create Hell on Earth.


I have complete trust in you my team mates and in myself in our ability to overcome any challenge that is thrown at us to claim a famous victory here tonight. Now you will see that you never sinned, it was just the way that love begins.


So my friend, here it is, our big moment, are you ready?


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