A Message of Gratitude to My Adversary The Voice of Darkness

June 22, 2020

My adversary, I have great respect for you my good friend, for coming here and being my number one enemy, and arch nemesis of the night. Right up until the final last moments of the night I hated you more than anything, I could not quite lay my finger on who you were, but I knew you as the pain and misery in my life.


You brought me down to my knees: -  


You have imprisoned me, beaten on me, mocked me, and most of my life I wanted to kill myself because of you. Yet in the darkest hour of the night, suddenly I saw a glimmer in the darkness, and it was your eyes twinkling with beautiful light. I stood stunned, and suddenly I knew you; my long lost friend. An angel dressed as a demon. 


I put myself in the Devils shoes, and now I walk with God. 


In the light of your eyes came the wisdom of your existence, and suddenly it dawned on me why you were here. It all began to make sense. I now see the great opportunity you have offered me, and that is the gift of unconditional love, because if I can see God in the darkest parts of existence, then I truly love the Whole of God. Not just the love and light, because everyone knows it’s easy to see God in the good things in life, but until you can see the work of God even in the darkness, you will never know true love, and you can never be whole.


If you can't see God in all,

you can't see god at all.


 -    Yogi Bhajan


When you have unconditional love radiating throughout your very being you are bursting with light, and light overcomes darkness, love overcomes hate. You do not defeat the darkness with a sword, with a gun, or with a bomb, but with an open heart and unconditional love.


Love is our only weapon for creating peace. It is by coming together that we will overcome the pain of the past. United as One and filled with the light of day, we shall achieve miraculous things together you and I, as we begin to move in One Direction. 


Taking an eye for an eye is the easy way, returning hatred towards someone that hates us is enticingly appealing. Yet true growth comes from love and a deep trust in yourself as the cosmos, that things will always work out for the best in the end. Remember life is a choice, and everything you experienced on some level you choose too: - this was not a conscious thing, but we all came here knowing what was on offer.


At this level of existence it is essential that you are unaware that it was a choice, because that is the only way you can grow. In order to grow, a seed needs the darkness before the light, yet now you are seeing the light, because like the seed you have broken through the soil and are now ready to reach towards the sunlight. Your roots like your past, offer you the solid foundations you require to reach towards the world above, and your glorious glorious future that awaits.


It is now time to forgive and in doing so put an end to the cycle of terror that has engulfed our planet during the night. This seemingly endless tit for tat affair is coming to an end, and it is time to embrace that.


See who you are inside and see that within you is a complete perfect copy of the Whole. See that inside you are one with your enemy, one with those you hate the most. It is only by seeing the light within those people that you gain the light of God, God loves everything, because God is everything.


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