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Those watching our journey

June 22, 2017

OK well you may already think I am a bit crazy but with this next subject you may think I have completely lost the plot. What we currently call aliens have been observing our journey closely from afar, they have been awaiting our mass awakening before making official contact. During the darkness of the night they are hidden from our view and this is for good reason. Until the time of day humans are not mature enough to handle the reality of the fact we are not alone in this vast existence, and that not just life but intelligent life fills our universe. 


Many have found the idea of aliens both frightening and threatening. We have projected our own darkness onto them and so they appear as hostile. Look at the films we have produced the aliens always have sinister intentions. Yet as we come to terms with our own dark sides and gain the power of our light, our idea of them becomes enlightened.


There is a whole universe of beings out there watching us and willing us on; -  we call them aliens but in truth they are like our older brothers and sisters who have been willing their kid sibling on through this most difficult of tribulations. They have been through similar experiences in their own evolution and have compassion and empathy for our plight. When we have reached a higher level of consciousness they shall step out of the shadows, and bring with them revelations to forever change our world.


They have watched proudly as we have grown from embryos to where we now find ourselves, fascinated with our progress. Like we get great joy from observing nature and the animal kingdom they too love watching our journey. Slowly over thousands of years they have been showing us glimpses of their crafts, offering us a tantalising preview of what was to come. Behind the scenes they have played an active role in our progress using techniques so advance we were completely oblivious to them.


When we welcome them with open arms and ask for their assistance they will make themselves known to humankind. It is only through our freewill that we can choose this and as day breaks this will be a natural calling coming from the very core of our beings. With their return we shall know the glorious truth, that we were never alone.


As we realise our unity and true identities we are ready to become members of the Galactic Confederation of Planets vibrating with the frequencies of peace and love. With their open appearance our technological advances will accelerate to levels beyond what we can currently even begin to fathom. We shall journey into deep space and observe worlds we never imagined reachable in our wildest dreams. We shall become interdimensional travellers traversing worlds that throw our understanding of life completely upside down and inside out.


The aliens have walked among us, some born into human forms known as star seeds for this moment of awakening, some have even forgotten who they truly are and so have played an active role in our evolution without themselves even being aware. As we awaken they will reveal themselves as the veil of forgetfulness lifts. This is a time of great excitement and wonder; you may think these words are crazy but in truth they are part of the process to prepare us for the reality that will soon be upon us. We are about to witness full disclosure and I know that when it happens we will be ready. 


With love our family relatives from the stars shall embrace us as we embrace our most cherished loved ones, off stage/ between lives they are already well known to us and this we shall soon realise. On behalf of my human family I say to them; - 


“Welcome my good friends, make yourself at home. We are ready to openly receive you in our lives, and it is with peace and love that we embrace you."






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