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Some final words to end our dialogue

June 22, 2017

All the world’s problems are connected from politics, to economics, to our environmental destruction, to the way we solve conflict. When there is a lack of light and the connection that we all share is shrouded in darkness it is easy for people to compete against one another for survival. We are so busy competing with one another we are not looking at the bigger picture. The Voice Of Darkness has dominated the minds of the people, always making us think of the short term gain, and to focus on only the smaller picture in life.


If you have made it this far through the book, then maybe you are someone who can feel the return of the morning sun. This book is designed to make you aware of a process that is far bigger than us that is happening right now on this planet and in the cosmos. It is now time to regain our connection to the universe and with our higher self. Seek to find this within and you will not be disappointed if you are willing to look hard enough. These words can help light the path but you must walk that path yourself.


This is a process that is happening to us, yet we are also playing an active role.I believe we will do this because we are part of nature and a part of God and underlying these things there is an infinite wisdom and intelligence guiding and orchestrating life. Sometimes in the chaos it is easy to be blind to the sublime order behind the workings of Life, yet when you can see order within the chaos you begin to understand the great order of Life. You get what you give and by experiencing the darkness now we can know the greatness of our Light. I can see you literally beaming right now.


Like when a woman gives birth, the pain is very intense and overwhelming, however when the baby is born the pain is soon forgotten as she’s lost in love for her new baby. She is suddenly filled with joy and the pain just becomes a distant memory. This is how we will feel once we have birthed our new society, all the pains that came with delivering it will be long gone and we will be lost in love for our new world. We will realise all that pain we went through was so we could deliver something special. We will collectively glow with Joy, happiness and Love at our new creation. 



Bullets fly, split the sky

But that's all right, sometimes, sunlight comes streaming through the holes







Through this work of art, I desire to express to the outside world the beauty I feel inside and out for the whole of life. It is my intention that this book is life changing because it helps you see that you have the power within to change your life and to live out your highest desires. I may have been broken but in accepting this and using it for my benefit I was able to use it for the benefit of others, and because of this I became fixed. 


When you turn your adversity around and use it to help others you can shine a light that’s bright and one that can act as a guide to others. During the night we have all faced our own problems which meant allot to us and now we can use these to show our strength in being able to overcome them. During the night the world is a hostile place, there is violence on the streets, there is war, murder and starvation on a daily basis, theft is rife, and there is a general lack of trust and sense of hostility between people, there is no love between the masses.


A world that is going through its birthing into a higher consciousness can be a chaotic place to be yet to be here right now is like winning a lottery of most amazingly unlikely odds. We were chosen for this because Life knew we had what it takes to manifest this change in the world. Life does not make any mistakes and this is your time to shine.


As light is shone into the darkness we shall find out the truth about the level of deception at the top of our world, and we shall see how the game has been so badly rigged.  Our democracy is fake because it does not represent the people and instead represents the interests of big corporations, banks and other vested interests. This global monopoly is a legal armed robbery of the workers, the world’s poorest and the most vulnerable. Why do we allow our politicians to tell us what to do when they are supposed to be doing what we tell them to do? We have it the wrong way round yet this how the government operates during the night shift.


We must not let ourselves become angry about what has transpired and in the future we need complete transparency throughout society, to make it honest and open, tolerant and fair, reasoned and balanced. We must get to the bottom of all the corruption, we cannot blame the politicians we just handed them too much power. Power corrupts like the ring in Lord the Rings, we must divide it between us to avoid this corruption.


Wealth is created by the many and should be shared by the many, from the one managing the business, to the one on the shop floor, to the cleaner, everyone should be receiving a fair share of the wealth created. Each worker is to be valued and respected as a part of the functioning whole. When people feel they are getting a better deal they make it a bigger deal to work better. The more wealth is shared the more that is created, yet when it gets into fewer people’s hands the financial systems are drowning in debt, and wealth is pooling and stagnating like a clot in the financial systems arteries just waiting to haemorrhage.  


When everyone has a fair chance at life with a roof over their heads, a meaningful well-paying job, allowed to live in peace and with dignity. With the basics comfortably met and time for our families and for ourselves we shall know the day has returned. We have all the tools to make this place paradise, one that works for us ALL, we just need to take the power back off of those who have consistently misused and abused it. We are human beings and we have a say, and we have a vote, and that means we collectively hold the power.  


When we give our power to others it gives them a chance to abuse it. Those who want power over us often want it for themselves and for their own benefit. A world where no one wants power over anyone else but themselves is the most functional for creating peace and order. Power will be divided equally between the people, who will become informed in the light of day and have a say on how the world they live in is shaped.


When we hand over our power those with it create chaos, you can see the world only serves the few because we are destroying our planet, we are using valuable resources blowing each other up, there are people starving, whilst other people are dying from overeating. We can co create a government which serves us as a Whole the most effectively. One that seeks to end the problems and not add to them. One that values life and the quality of it over money and material possessions.


We must thank those who we gave the power too because we gave them something that was beyond what so few people should have and made it so open to abuse. The only way we can take back our power is through unity and that’s why they have attempted to keep us divided by every small thing so that we don’t see the elephant in the room. We are in charge of them and they are not in charge of us. If we don’t want war anymore then it is time for our leaders to listen and stop bombing other countries. 


If we spent the money we now spend on the military globally every year we could end world hunger, house and give health care to the world’s poorest. This would do more to create peace than any act of war. Just because we can’t see the world’s poorest when we are living in the richer countries that doesn’t mean they are not there. The system that we have designed creates the conditions that lead to their suffering. Our leaders and media stay silent on the fact that so much of the world is in abject poverty because of a corrupt imbalanced system.


Whilst there are so many poor and desolate people in the world, there will be anger, war, hostility, mass immigration, and a clashing of desperate people doing desperate things. There is more than enough to go around if we just share, and if we now lead a worldwide revolution built on peace and using the power of our collective vote we can create true change. The political system cannot change itself from within and it must be changed by outside forces. Those who go into it attempting to change it become changed by it themselves. Those who are in power no matter which party continually create the same problems. The problem is beyond their ability to solve it because they have become part of the problem. 


It is time for women and men to be treated equally, not as the same but their skills and contributions valued in an equal way. There has been an imbalance in this male dominated society where a woman’s contribution has been massively undervalued. Often woman get paid less and treated worse and this simply does not happen come the day when people are awakened. Our patriarchal major religions do not honour the Goddess and that is why they have made themselves so exclusive. The Goddess is the equal to God and together in balance they function at their optimum.


I have seen in my own life from my amazing gran who I was extremely close too from when I was a young child until she died when I was 18. To my mum and sister who are both so selfless and work in care, a profession I very much admire and which I think is so undervalued. Woman are selfless, nurturing, caring, emotionally strong, in touch with their feelings. I see woman as my equal opposite who when treated fairly create an effective symbiotic relationship with men. We men have taken woman for granted and a rebalance of power will take place in the day light.


When women have more of a share of the power it is easier to find peaceful resolutions, how often do you see men fighting, compared to women? It is not just woman but all races will be given power and a say over their destinies. Certain races have been held down for so long and are still to this day the poorest and least represented in the positions of most power and influence. Some races have experienced horrendous prejudice and violence through history with very little acknowledgement of their suffering. Certain races are treated as second class citizens, this must end and we must acknowledge all races have the same rights as everyone else.


The difference of a person’s skin colour is no more significant than the colour of their eyes or hair. The only way to fix the past is in the present, only when all races are treated fairly and valued equally can we lay to rest the horrors of our past. We can then build the foundations for a world where all races stand together united as One.


We will also require a coming together of the classes because a world so imbalanced and on the verge of collapse is no good for the rich or poor. The poor have been massively undervalued and any society that forgets its backbone which is the working class becomes spineless. Crime, disease and war affects us ALL. When the imbalance of wealth gets too big the system collapses, so unless we find a way to rebalance the wealth it will inevitably fall and the more you have the more you will lose. 


It is time to move beyond persecution towards our gay community, people are entitled to have fun and find love no matter what their sexual orientation. Marriage is not exclusive too heterosexual couples and gay couples should be free to marry and celebrate their love. Gay people should be treated like anyone else, because they are just like anyone else. It is time to move past the idea that God thinks being gay is a sin. Love between two consenting adults is beautiful no matter who finds it. 


There is also an urgent need to address our rapid destruction of our natural world, it is time to start giving land back to nature, and to stop polluting our environment at ever increasing rates. The health and the ability of our planet to sustain us and our future generations is more important than monetary profit. We must move towards clean, renewable and sustainable ways of living on this planet to work with nature and not be at war with it. This change is up to us to enact.


Those who now have the least have the most to gain. When you have less you appreciate what you do have more, and when you always have more what you have has less value. Those locked away in the most dangerous of prisons, those strapping bombs to themselves as weapons, those who have killed are are a very wounded part of ourselves that must be healed.


This can only happen through love and light, through empathy and compassion, through a deeper understanding of their actions during the night. We cannot solve the problem of crime by building more prisons but by changing the root causes that lead to crime in the first place which is the imbalance of power and wealth that came with the darkness of the night.


We must begin to listen to our hearts and our souls. It’s OK to ask for help, that’s the way the universe works, you help others and others will begin to help you, and that includes the Divine Hand, and when you are under its guidance life unfolds blissfully. When you have the helping hand of God guiding you, it allows you to be in a position to truly start helping others.


Even those who are the most lost in the darkness can find themselves once again come day light. I believe in them because I believe in US…I know you do too because it’s in your blood and when we become One, there is not One problem that cannot be overcome.


It is when the marriage of light and dark has been achieved that a new consciousness is born. Like a baby cannot be born without the coming together of man and woman neither can unity consciousness without light and darkness. Hell became Heaven the moment the lights came back on. Two polar opposites occupying the same space.


Jesus transmuted his suffering and became something great and so can we now do the same. We can use our suffering as a gift that gives us the tools to build a beautiful new world free of suffering. Often it is the most difficult of times that brings out the best in us and this is one of those such times.


Just as I was ready to throw the towel in in disgust and defeat I lifted my head one last time, and there it was the glorious sight of the finishing line. Tears of joy filled my eyes and the love of God filled my heart…I was home at last!



"To persevere is important for everybody, don’t give up, don’t give in. There’s always an answer to everything.” Louis Zamperini



Now let me ask you this morning if you believe in miracles, or put another way do you believe in yourself? Failure is just a temporary step towards success, without failure your successes would be emptier than an atom. It is when they come together you find the true meaning of success. It was in our darkest moment that we shone the most brightly, it was in our most difficult challenge that we pulled off our greatest piece of skill to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat in the final seconds of the game. It is the villain that is the making of the hero and the adversary played the role of the villain blindingly.


This place wasn’t meant to be comfortable, it wasn’t made to be easy, it is meant to be a challenge, it was made to test you, to be the catalyst for your growth. The truth is we can’t always be happy, we can’t always live in peace; we can’t always know what it is to feel true love. We have to experience it ALL to be able to experience any of it. You will look back at all the pain and hurt, all the alienation of our adolescence as a great gift that shaped our beautiful destiny. The older you become in the journey the fonder the memories become of the wild days of the night, your younger days.


You will know that only by facing your fears could you become fearless. When you become fearless it’s because you are full of Love.



A Psychiatrist Who Survived The Holocaust Explains Why Meaningfulness Matters More Than Happiness

October 22, 2014, Business Insider



In September 1942, Viktor Frankl, a prominent Jewish psychiatrist and neurologist in Vienna, was arrested and transported to a Nazi concentration camp. Three years later, when his camp was liberated, most of his family, including his pregnant wife, had perished. In his bestselling 1946 book, Man's Search for Meaning ... Frankl concluded that the difference between those who had lived and those who had died came down to one thing: Meaning. Those who found meaning even in the most horrendous circumstances were far more resilient to suffering than those who did not. "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing," Frankl wrote in Man's Search for Meaning, "the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." Having purpose and meaning in life increases overall well-being and life satisfaction, improves mental and physical health, enhances resiliency, enhances self-esteem, and decreases the chances of depression. On top of that, the single-minded pursuit of happiness is ironically leaving people less happy, according to recent research. "It is the very pursuit of happiness," Frankl knew, "that thwarts happiness." The pursuit of meaning is what makes human beings uniquely human. By putting aside our selfish interests to serve someone or something larger than ourselves ... we are not only expressing our fundamental humanity, but are also acknowledging that that there is more to the good life than the pursuit of simple happiness.



You are amazing ALL of you, whatever you have done during the night you can turn it around in the day, there are no lost causes just lost angels. The darkness of the night tore us apart but the light of day will bring us back together. See yourself in others and see that they just want love like you do.


What we have experienced has given us character and this is what we needed in order to be able to work together and respect one another. By going through the night with our fellow humans we build a deep bond and camaraderie with them that makes its self evident in the light of day. You gain a deep respect for what we have put ourselves through in order to create this opportunity for each other. This has truly been a team effort and together we shall reap the bounty from the seeds we have sewn in these fertile soils.


If we lived an existence where there was no suffering there would be no end to the suffering, because we would have everything yet feel like we had nothing. We would be the All, yet be a nobody. The most beautiful sunny day would feel like it was pouring with rain. When you see this you come to have trust in Life and when you trust Life you are filled with unconditional Love. Suffering exists so we can know what it is to feel the greatness that is freedom from suffering. Suffering is a gift because it is a teacher and a guide that leads us to be able to get where it is we truly desire to go.


This is where humanity stands, on the verge of taking back its freedom. The pain of suffering lays the foundations for living a life free from the shackles and confines that is the darkness of the night. To believe the truth first you must fall for the illusion, otherwise the truth itself would be an illusion.


The fear and darkness is our initiation into our life of love and light. To feel one thing, we must also know what it is to feel its opposite, and here on Earth we have done that. By becoming friends with the monster in our head we have exercised our demons. We all have a beast within that must be tamed by our spirit.


You can’t buy your way to heaven, the only passage way is through hell. You cannot inherit the kingdom unless you have worked your way up from the bottom. You can’t reach the top of a mountain unless you start at the bottom, and it is the journey from the bottom to the top that makes the journey so rewarding. If you were always at the top of the mountain the view wouldn’t be anything special.


Unearned power corrupts and creates a desire for power over others. True power comes from using your power to show others they have all the power they need within themselves. Empowering others is the greatest power of all because it comes from loving them. When you love others you naturally do your best for them, this love comes with no attachments. Unconditional love is free, meaning you love even those who hate you.



“Your job isn’t to judge. Your job isn’t to figure out if someone deserves something or decide who is right or wrong. Your job is to lift the fallen, restore the broken, and heal the hurting.” - Soel Osteen



We wanted the very best and that’s why we went through the very worst. We are an ambitious and adventurous group that has no fear about experiencing fear. We marched with our held high into the darkness with an unstoppable drive to serve Life. By going through a place of evil we created in the universe the room for good.


By serving the universe, the universe serves us. We have been through war, both with each other, and ourselves, and now can know what it is to have true friendship and peace. True friendship is born through seeing the worst of each other yet underneath seeing the best. This is what I see in you my dear reader, make no mistake I see who you really are and I can’t stop smiling. This journey has been shrouded in darkness and laden with fear, yet it has led to the beautiful destination of the dawning of this magical new morning.



“Music will unite us forever in tomorrow land.”



Together we shall find tomorrow and it will be the best time of our lives, the love that we share has been there all along sleeping and waiting for this moment to be awakened. When you find your own inner light you realise that everything is going to be alright.


We are a world that is transforming from the ugly duckling into the beautiful swan and inheriting our place in the cosmos, undergoing a glorious return of our Divinity. When we were ducklings we did ugly things because we were young and were growing by making choices. Now we are undergoing a majestic metamorphosis, and when you see your reflection in the morning light you will see that all has changed. You are so beautiful because your soul is there for ALL to see.


When the people of this world realise their inherent oness and embrace it we will see miracles of the like never before witnessed, sick people will spontaneously heal all around the world as the power of universal love begins to flow through the masses. The planets oceans and rivers, skies and forests will cleanse of toxicity. This love is the strongest medicine in existence and can heal the seemingly unhealable.


Imagination is the seat of creation, freedom is found between silence and sound, this is where you will be found, where the flow leads to where you want to be. Here you can see and feel the rhythm of your heart, create art, help others begin new starts. Being creative becomes native when you live to give, it allows you to lift, and shift in a swift, to light, and shine bright. With positive intentions you begin to mention the teachings of the soul and reach peace, and have a belief in the goodness of life, you put an end to the strife. To be the example is all we can do and through this we shall feel bliss.


My final words have to be about Love and how Love is the key to building the bridge of unity across the chasm of chaos.



Love can build a bridge

Between your heart and mine

Love can build a bridge

Don't you think it's time?

Don't you think it's time?


The Judds

"Love Can Build A Bridge"



Love is the great peace maker, the key to change and universal kinship, Love is Here and when we feel it in our hearts we are sailing the stars.


Don’t you think it’s time we built that bridge? My heart is open to ALL of you.


We have the power, the power of love.


I believe this is the time of the day, and that; -



“There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come” 

–    Victor Hugo



With ALL my Love, I Love you ALL.



Wayne Moss



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