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June 22, 2017

Power corrupts, so naturally it is not a good idea to have it in so few hands but distributed amongst an entire population. The reason I struggle to trust a politician is they desire great power over me and others. Our political system has failed us because of its vulnerability to corruption; it doesn’t matter how good the system is if those running it are corrupt. We must not blame others for we have all been complicit in the continuation of a corrupt regime and this is OK because under the darkness of the night we cannot clearly see how to change it.


The politics of the night leads to a select few using their positions of power to control and manipulate the masses for their own gain. Democracy itself is a great idea but only if it does what it claims too (represent the majority) but during the night those with large hordes of money have far more influence than they are entitled too. Money is power, and we live in a system that is dominated by giant corporate conglomerates that wield more money than entire nations. These corporations control those in power to yield to their interests and not the peoples.


The power must be put back into the hands of the masses, but for that to take place we must all become engaged in a global discussion on how best to take this forward. It is time we realise that it is only through our vote and collective silence our corrupt leaders have any power or legitimacy. The basis for a good governmental system is there but whilst it is full of corruption and influenced so hugely by big money and vested interests it will never do what it was designed too and that is truly represent us the common people.


The age of corrupt governments and small minorities rigging the game for their own gain is over when the sun comes up and people see clearly what has been taking place. This is why it took place, so we the people could understand what it truly meant to have the power of our own destiny. We will be free to live in peace and harmony together setting the world up in a way that is benefiting everyone including our beautiful home itself.


We should give all the benefit of the doubt, what happened during the night was because of the darkness and these are things that happen when we are cut off from our light. But it is our duty to stop this corruption, in this world no needs to be said, and bully’s need to be stood up to, because even a bully suffers when they don’t learn that this behaviour is not acceptable.  This will be a spiritual revolution where we will use the power of love to overcome those who have hurt us. We must forgive them because it’s the only way we can all move forward together.


We must change the way we select our leaders from those who were born privileged and privately educated to those who have the greatest integrity. A leader above all else must have true integrity, high intellect and low integrity is a dangerous combination in a leader. How can a politician who has lived a comfortable life their whole lives, who has no experience of the life which their subjects live be the right choice to lead these people? How can you expect a person that has never had to struggle to understand what struggling is? They can’t.


It is madness for us to expect things to change in politics whilst we continually use the very same process to elect them, it will only be through learning our lessons of why it didn’t work married with a fresh approach that we can look to make change; - genuine change, and not just a change of face that is merely cosmetic.


In positions of power there has been a real lack of woman, and those who have risen to power in a hugely male dominated arena have had to give up much of what makes woman so suitable to leadership. Woman make the strongest leaders because of their maternal instinct and their gift of being able to nurture. They are more compassionate, more attached to the feelings of the heart. The most selfless individuals I have known in my life have been woman, and their example has been a great inspiration for me.


A true leader leads through their own example, and is not the one who is best at telling people what to do but the one that shows them that they already know, and to believe in themselves. A true leader does not want to take your power and use it for their own gain but desires to empower you to be your own leader. The world belongs to us all, so the running of it concerns us all too. Only through collectively embracing politics as a world-wide society can we empower ourselves to stay informed, and therefore make a difference in shaping the future direction of the human race and our children’s futures.


During our long slumber we allowed others to take the reins and we were blind to their sinister intentions, yet now as we awaken it is our duty to seize back that power and restore it to its rightful place…the people. We are becoming an awakened species ready to take control of our own destinies and become conscious co-creators of our evolution. We have so much power within and when we realise this we will no longer seek need for power without. The word boss will give way to the word guide. A brain is not the boss of the body but its trusty guide and co-ordinator, it is working for the body not just itself. The brain may be the director yet everything it does is to serve the body.   


Our current political system does for governing the same as religions of exclusivity do for spirituality or the same as our economic system (capitalism) does for fair wealth distribution. As George Orwell said; -



“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”



Politicians in the modern corporate controlled world of the night are more like trained actors put there to give the illusion of the choice of power, when truly they hold the power. The politicians are trained to speak in such a way as to bend the truth and convince you they represent you and are doing their best for you whilst doing the opposite. It is not their faults the system itself is broken and this has been done by design, so are you ready to help fix it? 


The saying ‘if you don’t vote you have no right to a say’ is dangerous propaganda spread by those who control the voting system. They understand it’s the votes that keep them in power, keep them in control, and without your vote they have no legitimacy. By not voting you are voting for something new, something different, and it shows you have no faith left in a system that is built on lies. If you continue to vote for corrupt officials, you are saying “it’s better to vote for corruption than to look to change the system and make it fair” This is because people fear the unknown, fear change and have feared having their own power in their own hands. 



“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” George Orwell



We can blame the politicians for all our problems but we must come to recognise their only power comes from us. When we continue to vote for them (no matter which of the two main parties) we are legitimising a system that is built to enrich a minority at the expense of the majority. Yet we shall come to see that this is how we learn to take charge of our own authority. An empowered people do not need leaders with authority over them, but trusty wise guides to impart their knowledge to them.



"Our politicians do not serve us; they serve multinational corporations that pay them. It’s time to change that." Cenk Uygur



Now it is time for us the people of the world to stand up for ourselves. When standing up to someone else you should use All you can to find a peaceful resolution, violence should only come as a last resort as an action self-defence and self-preservation. We do not need violence (in fact it is counter productive) to overcome an oppressor but by coming together as One we the people have the strength to do this calmly and peacefully.


The truth is without us being compliant they are powerless and they know that which is why they have done such a grand job of keeping us divided and arguing among ourselves. If we are too busy fighting with each other we do not see the bigger picture of who the real enemy is. It is not them but ourselves because its only us who have the power to change things, but to do this we must unite with each other and even those who were our enemies and take the power back.  It doesn’t matter which party is in charge it is the system itself that is broken, and changing leaders is no more than a superficial change to a much deeper issue.


It is time to rethink the way we hand out power and look to create a system that represents the planet as a whole, and not just small separate fragments where power has pooled like ink. A power that is rapidly destroying our home by polluting our oceans and skies, depleting the resources at a highly unsustainable rate. One which values waste over efficiency, and massively favours a small few at the huge expense of the great many.


Our leaders are spying on us and say “those who are doing nothing wrong have nothing to hide” Yet they themselves do things that they keep hidden from us and lock up whistle blowers for telling the truth and speaking out against them. Any government that locks people away for telling the truth is against the people it is supposed to represent. I have nothing to hide from those who hide nothing from me, but if someone is not being honest with me it is impossible to have an honest relationship with them. Transparency only works if it is both ways.


In the new world whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange will not be considered criminals, but great leaders who spoke out about corruption despite the grave personal cost it had to them. They are heroes who acted selflessly and suffered greatly for listening to their conscience. These are the types of people that can be trusted with greater responsibility because they are willing to stand up for what they believe is right even in a society that tells them they are wrong, and then locks them up for telling the truth.


This system of corruption and gross inequality breeds crime and fuels fear which creates division. A truly free society does not produce criminals and have the need to lock people up in cages. Yet do not fear for this is all perfectly normal in an evolving society like ours.



“It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.” Nelson Mandela



I don’t blame our world leaders for all our problems they too are just victims of The Voice Of Darkness, and the system of the night. Yet we are at the end of the night and the morning is upon us and that means a complete change.



The Voice Of Darkness; -



“I have had control over every major industry from banking to politics, corporations to news outlets, the police to the armed forces. I have been allowed to encourage you to set up society in a way that benefits the individual yet at a big cost to the whole and convince you this was for the best. You have all seen corruption going on but never choose to stop it and that was because it was the night and my influence was too strong. Now you must put a stop to this corruption and build a society fit to benefit the whole, when you can do this you will have evolved into the collective super being you were always destined to become. This is your graduation from seeing yourself as only the physical shell and an individual, to seeing yourself as the universal energy that is everything, and is the collective web of symbiotic energy that is working towards the evolution of the collective consciousness.


The whole political system has been a rigged set up, designed to lead you to this moment. Don’t be mad at the politicians and leaders they were just dancing to the beat of my tune. They were compelled to behave the way they did and were born and educated to follow the paths they were destined for. Within the game you need a whole set of players to play, there has to be a corrupt unfair regime for us to have the tools necessary to create a fair and just one. A world where the political system is about serving the worlds masses in facilitating their idea of paradise, not a system to keep the masses divided and enslaved whilst working for the planets small yet powerful minority.


This was the job they were called here to do and they did their jobs perfectly, they had to bring the necessary opportunities and catalysts for your spiritual growth, and helping you remember who you are. To be angry and mad is to be enslaved to the ego and unable to gain the composure to escape from the self-created prison. When you see the bigger picture you will learn, you cannot dig your way out of a hole, and you cannot overcome hate with more hate. 


True power does not come from the power you amass but from empowering the masses. True power comes from giving people their own power back. With great power comes great responsibility, and now you are ready for that, otherwise this information would not exist and you would not be reading it right now. Deep down I know you know this, for I see it written all over your face. This was my plan for you all along and why I have done what I had to do. Yet now I am letting go of my control over these institutions and handing them back to you, the people, and now you shall rise and claim what’s rightfully yours.”



A worldwide revolution begins with an individual revelation. By bridging the chasm of chaos with our love we can come together and create an open path to peace and prosperity, to justice and fairness that is universal for all. The greatest people draw out the greatness from others, and in this I believe we all have the power to be great. If we listen and have trust in our own inner lights we can become the lights which light the entire world. I feel and see the light within you as you read these words. What do you say to taking back our power? I see in you someone I trust and someone I know has what it takes to have responsibility to own your own power. 



To those in power in the words of Mr Kanye West



“You got the power to let power go?”    







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