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June 22, 2017

Many jobs and employment during the night exists only to enrich the few at the cost of the many, with long hours, low pay, and poor working conditions. Work is operated like a dictatorship where the profits and benefits for the work carried out go to very few people. From the top pressure is put on those below to deliver more and more for less and less. Whilst CEO pay rises rapidly the pay of the average worker stagnates and goes backwards as living costs increase and pay does not keep up.


Here are a few examples taken from Oxfams report “An economy for the 99 %”



• A FTSE-100 CEO earns as much in a year as 10,000 people in working in garment

factories in Bangladesh.


• In the US, new research by economist Thomas Piketty shows that over the last 30 years

the growth in the incomes of the bottom 50% has been zero, whereas incomes of the

top 1% have grown 300%.


• In Vietnam, the country’s richest man earns more in a day than the poorest person

earns in 10 years.



The minimum wage is not enough to live on and so those who are on these wages are stuck in a perpetual cycle of poverty, working endless hours and reaping none of the benefits for doing so. There is no escape for them and so they are forced into this work. The majority of the money earned goes towards paying ever increasing rental costs with very little or none left for any quality of life. 


This all leads to misery, stress, resentment and unhappiness in those working in such jobs where they feel undervalued and taken advantage of. Big wealthy corporations use cheap labour from poor countries to manufacture their goods not even paying them enough to survive on. Worker’s rights are non-existent and employees are treated not as human beings but as company assets to be used and abused.


The power should belong in the worker’s hands and not management, profits should be shared more equitably with the gap between the top earner and bottom earner squeezed to a level that is fair and does not cause resentment and disharmony. This will lead to an environment where all workers feel valued, feel content and satisfied with their working life. This will result in a motivated work force who feel they are a valued part of the company and not just being used by it.


Workers should be treated with respect and have the opportunity to offer ways to improve their working life for the company and themselves. People should not be forced into jobs through desperation but have a choice and desire in what they are doing.


Many jobs solely exist to supply a system where materialism has spiralled out of control with cheap goods that are designed to break and become unusable through planned obsolescence being churned out at an ever increasing rate. These companies are destroying the environment, using up finite resources like there is no tomorrow and creating vast quantities of waste and pollution along the way. It is those living in the poorest countries that have the worst working conditions and are exploited the most by these mega wealthy corporations. These people have been powerless up until now.


During the day jobs are designed to add value to society, to create wealth and abundance for the majority and not the minority. Corporations respect the environment and the need to limit waste and pollution. The workers have more free time to pursue activities which boost their health and happiness, where there is a good work life balance. Parents get to spend more time with their children and the purpose of life is no longer to work but to live.


By creating a better balance with workers’ pay and conditions the whole of society reaps the benefits; - there is more social cohesion, companies work more efficiently, higher amounts of taxes go into improving services for everybody. Instead of dreading work and resenting it employees enjoy what they do and find job satisfaction.


As night turns to day it will no longer be known as the work place but a place of joy. Where work no longer feels like work but something we are happy to do. This may all sound rather idealistic but when the extended body is working as One every cell within that body is working towards something greater, something bigger, something that gives them purpose and makes them feel valued. Each cell is valued by the body yet no one cell is bigger than the body. All cells get what they need to be at their peak condition in order to be able to serve the body as a Whole.


As the priorities of our society changes so too will the nature of the work we carry out, focus will be put on creating sustainable solutions, to ending inequality, to aiding those who are most in need, and to adding fun and well being to the people. Work will be about serving the Whole and so it will make us feel Whole. The fruits of our labour will be split in a way that makes us all rich and we shall become rich in a way that money itself cannot buy. 





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