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June 22, 2017

Despite the inherent unity of all things that does not mean complete sameness, underlying the inherent unity of life lies complete diversity. No two people are ever the same, from their appearance, to their accent, to their interests, to their life circumstances, each and every one of us is a completely unique creation that will never ever be repeated again. One of the most important factors in creating a unified world at peace is to respect one another’s uniquely special diversity.


By supporting diversity, we strengthen humanity as a Whole, and the planet as a Whole. No one creature is meant to dominate a planet so hugely and no one culture is meant to dominate humanity. Any culture that attempts to push its culture on to others will fail because diversity is integral to life itself and will always find a way to be expressed. Any species that attempts to dominate the globe at the expense of other life forms will fail because it goes against the basic laws of nature.



When we do not respect the diversity inherent within the unity of life we create division.



What we all have in common is that we are both the same yet different. A large contributory factor to our conflict during the night was our attempt at eradicating our collective diversity. We have seen this in religion, and with skin colour for eg, one of history’s harshest lessons came from one group attempting to create a master race by eliminating the diversity of others. It created violence and murder because it is fighting against the natural order of life itself. A lack of diversity makes us weaker as a whole not stronger and this is why master races, religions etc can never prevail because they go completely against what it is they are supposed to stand for. The very thing they believe is their greatest strength is their biggest weakness. 



Our differences are beautiful and they’re greatest gift is in allowing us to feel our oness.



Our Oness comes from seeing diversity is what unites us ALL and honouring that.  To have a world devoid of diversity is a world devoid of colour, of smell, of texture, meaning and purpose. It is diversity that gives rise to the beautiful rich tapestry of life, the more threads that are removed the less rich the tapestry becomes until it is no longer even a tapestry. The more strands that bind us the stronger we become as a collective.


 As we begin to truly celebrate that which makes us different we begin to tap into the universal energy that is all around us. Where we have failed to build a one world system by eliminating our differences, we shall create one by combining and enhancing our differences. The master race comes from uniting ALL races as One. From the way we look, to the way we sound, from our music, to our architecture, from our fashion to our spiritual beliefs it is by cherishing what makes us unique that life offers us this unique opportunity for peace and harmony.


If it were not for diversity, we could never know what is to be One of the same. Without diversity that One would equal nothing.


Life is ALL the colours of the rainbow, as we see this a rainbow bridge appears across the Chasm of Chaos and allows us safe passage to the other side where unity resides. When the bridge appears it signifies the end of the storm. It is time to see that all colours are different yet all colours are the same, it is time to join hands and take this walk together. It is time to forgive.





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