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God, Life, The Creator, The ALL

June 22, 2017

God is a word yet words cannot truly describe God.


Only God can save us and the great news is WE are God. God is the ALL and the everything, there is nothing God is not including light and dark, the bitter and sweet, the hard times and the good times. We are ALL part of God, working together for our evolution. Gods purest essence is Love and Love is what we do this for.


God needs nothing from us because God is everything, we are a part of God and we will always get that which we need for our spiritual growth. Life has a perfect plan for us that is hidden by the imperfect and ugly looking façade of the darkness. The true beauty behind the majestic workings of life only become fully evident when the light has returned.


God is the universe and God is communicating with you right now through these words, and they are just a tiny fraction of the messages that God has been bringing to our awareness. Anyone can have a conversation with God if they first begin a friendship with God. Through the profound words of Neale Donald Walsch in his ‘Conversation With God’ series I had a Conversation with God, built a friendship with God, began a communion with God. 


Neale has been a huge inspiration in my own spiritual evolution, and I would recommend his excellent books as the wonderful basis for a new world built on spirituality. The wisdom in his teachings are awe inspiring, when I read his words I finally found a God that got me, didn’t judge me, threaten me, or make me subservient to his will. This God was not just male but both male and female, was not angry or judgemental, nor did it demand exclusivity with the threat of eternal punishment if I dared to disobey. This God is like a best friend, not an angry strict father figure telling me what to do.


I believe we all have a unique connection to God that we must nurture, but we can take great inspiration and guidance from the path others have walked before us. ALL the prophets had good things to teach, Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Neale Donald Walsh etc. but God is not just in one of them but in ALL. God did not stop talking to us thousands of years ago, God is communicating with us all the time. If we just listen out for the messages, and actually seek out knowledge and wisdom, Life will talk to us, and the Light will help us by illuminating our paths.


God can communicate with you on your level, and knows the perfect way to bring the best out in you. God is speaking to us through music, books, movies, television, every avenue is open because the language of God is universal. Yet many of us have lost our connection because of the darkness, yet now you will hear if you just listen.


God is bigger than religion yet some religions try to make themselves bigger than God by making themselves the only way. God is in every religion, science, mathematics, art, music, technology, it is when we put limitations on God that we sell God short. Together we are God and God is in every one of us, with not one of us excluded. When you find the Light within you come to realise ‘that if it’s in you, then it is buried deep within everyone just waiting to be uncovered.’


God is in the clouds, the oceans, the trees, the bees, and in the falling Autumn leaves. God is everything thing and nothing, perfectly imperfect, the light that blesses me and the darkness that curses me. God is the great provider always offering us what it is our higher self requires to evolve. God is Life, and the meaning of Life is Love. When it comes to love people will suffer great hardships in order to truly be able to feel its joy. Love makes us do crazy things, and there is nothing we would not go through to be able to experience it.


Gods perfect plan for us is to awaken us to our collective Divinity. God is so great because God makes us great, our lives are tailored to offer us the greatest opportunities for us to expand, and to eventually understand balance. This is a fantastic moment in human history where The Voice Of Light is returning. We have learned the harsh lessons of the night, and now we are ready to embrace the enlightening teachings of the day.


God is all that you see, have seen and will ever see, God is in every thought, emotion, and feeling. God is your best friend yet also your worst enemy, your downfall and your saviour, the rough and the smooth, the highs and the lows. Love is not all light, there is a dark side to love, once you have known love you will have to know what it feels like to lose it.


God is the shining stars, tapas bars, fast cars, and life on mars. God is in the silence and the sound, the profound and the profane, the wise and the fool, the loser and the winner, the teacher and the student, the parent and the child. God is in the words written here, the eyes you are using to see them with, and the mind you are using to take them in.


God is waiting right now to build a relationship with us, and God will speak to us in an array of ways, so be open. Ask questions, seek guidance, and harmonise with the world. In Gods work there is pure genius and one that can turn our world upside down in a moment. In the works of God there is magic and miracles, and our world is about to come alive with the impossible manifesting into reality right before of our very eyes.


Underlying physical reality there is a pure energy and singular consciousness that is full of love and light that is the source of all wisdom and knowledge. The human collective consciousness is a part of this, from this place all time exists simultaneously as one infinite eternal moment. Here you can find guidance and friendship, trust and a desire to work towards a greater mutual goal. We can access this wealth of knowledge because it is within each one of us, yet to access it we must first knock the door. To find it we must look, it is there right now calling out to you and saying your name.


God cannot and would not force you to have a relationship with it, that choice is down to you, some religions try to force god upon people yet God has no need to do that. God knows when you are ready and the time is ripe that you will talk, and God as always will be listening when you do. When you understand how God sees you, you will not be able to stop smiling. God has no need for us to believe in its existence because God is existence. 


God is your biggest fan, the one that has never doubted you, or left your side, and has always known the great potential that you have. God is the one that will stick with you through thick and thin, through the best and worst. God is your guardian angel and will never let you down if you just have a little faith. God will lead you to knowing yourself as a god, and collectively as God itself.


We were born as a part of God but like when you are born into great wealth, you cannot truly appreciate it unless you earn that wealth for yourself. If you have always had it, it is worthless. We have now inherited the kingdom of Light by first losing it after we left the garden, we experienced good and evil during the night, and now we can become gods. Your true iDEntITY was concealed in plain sight all along, waiting till you were ready see it, and be it. 


You become god by serving God, you serve God by making gods of others, you make of gods of others through the example of your own godhood. Being god does not make you better than others it makes you One with them, it does not give you power over them but the ability to empower them, they are not serving you, you are serving them. There is no desire to control them but a desire to free them.


These words are simply not enough to truly explain the glory of God, God is so much more than can fit in the words of one book. God can only be felt when it is self-realised, when this happens life changes and your heart is filled with unconditional Love. I ask you to begin your conversation with God/Life/The Cosmos whatever concept you feel most comfortable with. Through asking and most importantly listening we can find the answers we have been looking for. Life will not tell us everything but it will tell us what we need to know in the moment, and that is perfectly enough.



need to know in the moment, and t

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